Monday, April 2, 2012

CD6: Republican Candidates Respond to Release of Sen. David Brinkley's 911 Calls // Robin Ficker & Del. Kathy Afzali Speak Out

UPDATE: Maryland Reporter notes a 3rd GOP candidate response from Brandon Rippeon. He calls both Bartlett and Brinkley "unworthy."

The Republican Primary in Maryland's 6th Congressional District is getting crazy as we get closer to election day. Over the weekend, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett took out a sledgehammer and smacked challenger State Sen David Brinkley in the head. His supporters unearthed audio tapes of 911 calls placed by Brinkley's ex-wife that were made when the Senator was caught in an affair.

Two Republican candidates are now condemning the shenanigans in the CD6 race. Below we print email blast responses from former Delegate Robin Ficker and Delegate Kathy Afzali. Ficker's email message is reportedly going out to 40,000 voters.
From: Robin Ficker
Subject: Sleazy campaigning and shocking 911 calls... Robin Ficker condemns them!

Robin Ficker criticizes 911 smear campaign on

"Publicizing that 911 call by Brinkley's ex-wife is a new low in negative campaigning," said Robin Ficker, Republican candidate for Maryland's 6th Congressional district.

"I've stayed positive and talked about the issues important to voters. While others attack, I've been busy getting signatures to limit energy taxes. I ran ads, sent emails and called voters, and I testified before the Maryland legislature to prevent a gas tax hike. The Democrats tried to rig this election by radically redistricting us.  Sleaze will only ease the way for the Democrats who tried to disenfranchise us. I, Robin Ficker, will not let sleazy campaigning and shocking 911 calls like those on ( distract the voters and me."
Robin Ficker

Brinkley 911 tapes of domestic dispute surface


Election day is Tuesday and so much happens in one day in the campaign. Yesterday I received news that was reporting Congressman Bartlett had released an audio tape about fellow competitor David Brinkley. The audio is very disturbing.

I am sorry for his ex-wife that this came out, but this is a liability for Republicans if Brinkley should get the nomination. The audio consists of 911 tapes of his wife and then him calling police for help during a domestic dispute between the two.

I had hesitated to send this to my supporters, but because the election is Tuesday, I felt that this information should be available to voters before making a final decision on this very important race.

I have tried to stay positive during the campaign so I have personally struggled with whether or not to send this.

Both Bartlett and Brinkley need to go. The time for a new, fresh voice is now! I need your vote Tuesday!

Much more on the CD6 race soon!

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