Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maryland Juice Milestone: 300,000 Pageviews // Plus, A Preview of Coming Articles: 2014 Comptroller, Governor & MoCo Exec

UPDATE: Already, a couple sources are telling me I should take Jon Cardin's name off of the Comptroller's candidate list. We'll provide details soon!

Maryland Juice is celebrating another milestone today. In just nine months of blogging, we reached over 300,000 pageviews last night!


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a new focus on emerging races this spring. 
Below is a preview of some storylines we'll soon be cultivating in greater detail.

SENATE LEADERSHIP - The 2012 Maryland legislative session came to a crashing halt this month, and we are only beginning to see the potential consequences from this. Senate President Mike Miller seems to be getting the brunt of the blame for the budget meltdown, and it is yet unclear how much additional political capital he will have to spend during an August session dedicated solely to expanding gambling. In the meantime, State Senator Rob Garagiola's CD6 Primary Election loss means that the Majority Leader's post remains unavailable for Miller's use as a consolation prize to keep potential opponents at bay. The grumbling among State Senators is growing, as they are becoming increasingly aware of their vanishing chances at moving up the political ladder with Mike Miller as President. There will obviously be consequences to all of this. Some members may look at running for higher office, while others will consider retirement. Those that remain will likely accept their backbencher status and hope an opportunity falls in their lap. But maybe, just maybe somebody will grow some spine. After all, no one is irreplaceable -- not even Mike Miller.

2014 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES - We will be begin analyzing the state of the 2014 statewide candidate fields very soon. The match-ups will include races for Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General. The AG field right now is fairly undeveloped, but the Governor's and Comptroller's races seem to be fairly stable for the moment. Even still, much has changed since last we did round-ups on these races, but that's precisely why it is time to do a fresh series of analyses. We will be revising our lists of statewide candidates soon! A few dark horse possibilities seem worth mentioning now that we've watched the candidate fields develop over the last few months.

We will also begin fleshing out the 2014 Montgomery County Executive's race. In the meantime, the candidates who still might be considering running (based on rumors, hearsay and logic) are listed below. These are obviously not comprehensive lists. If I'm missing anyone obvious, please contact me at or drop an anonymous comment.

  • Kumar Barve, House Majority Leader, Delegate from Montgomery 
  • Jon Cardin, Delegate from Baltimore Co.
  • Galen Clagett, Delegate from Frederick
  • Doug Duncan, former Montgomery County Executive (see below)
  • Brian Feldman, MoCo Delegation Chair, Delegate from Montgomery
  • Heather Mizeur, Delegate from Montgomery
  • Jim Rosapepe, former Ambassador, State Senator from Prince George's

  • Anthony Brown, Lt. Governor from Prince George's
  • Peter Franchot, Comptroller from Montgomery
  • Doug Gansler, Attorney General from Montgomery
  • Ken Ulman, County Executive from Howard

Montgomery County Executive:
  • Phil Andrews, Councilmember (District 3)
  • Doug Duncan, former Montgomery County Executive (see above)
  • Marc Elrich, Councilmember (At-Large)
  • Valerie Ervin, Councilmember (District 5)
  • Ben Kramer, Delegate (District 19)
  • George Leventhal, Councilmember (At-Large)
  • Rich Madaleno, State Senator (District 18)
  • Steve Silverman, MoCo Economic Development Director

Attorney General: Coming soon!

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