Monday, April 2, 2012

MCEA Sends Direct Mail for Jeanne Ellinport Featuring Sen. Rich Madaleno and Delegates Bonnie Cullison & Heather Mizeur

UPDATE #2:  Rival Board of Education candidate Rebecca Smondrowski emailed to highlight that Delegate Heather Mizeur has endorsed both herself and Jeanne Ellinport for the District 2 seat. She forwards an email blast from Delegate Mizeur, which we excerpt below:
HEATHER MIZEUR: For the Montgomery County Board of Education (a non-partisan race), there is an open seat in District 2 where county-wide votes will be tallied to advance the top two vote getters for the general election. I recommend you consider supporting either Jeanne Ellinport or Rebecca Smondrowski.  Both bring considerable passion for and experience on educational issues in the County and would make fine additions to the Board of Education.
UPDATE: In the comments section below, MCEA political director Jon Gerson explains the omission of Fred Evans from the direct mail pieces below:
JON GERSON: While Maryland Juice chose to post recent direct mail pieces sent out by MCEA in support of Board of Education candidate Jeanne Ellinport, with commentary recognizing the organization's recommendation of both Ellinport and Fred Evans in the D-2 BOE race, and noting only one candidate was featured ("interesting"), the blog/author failed to mention that MCEA provided similar support to Evans (who used the direct campaign contribution to also fund an extensive direct mailing). In addition, MCEA provided comparable resources to their recommended At-large BOE candidate, Phil Kauffman. While posting (only one of) the candidates pieces might be of interest to Maryland Juice followers, it is important to provide the full account of MCEA's support to avoid misperception by those relying on the site for information.

Montgomery County's teachers union (MCEA) is sending out three postcards in support of Board of Education District 2 candidate Jeanne Ellinport. Each postcard features a state legislator, and coincidentally, all of the endorsers are from the LGBT Caucus: State Senator Rich Madaleno (D18), Delegate Bonnie Cullison (D19) and Delegate Heather Mizeur (D20).

It is worth noting that MCEA has endorsed two candidates in the BOE District 2 race, Fred Evans and Jeanne Ellinport. Evans is not mentioned on these mail pieces. Interesting!

MCEA Direct Mail: Board of Education District 2 Candidate Jeanne Ellinport

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