Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IRONY: Are Maryland's Republican Counties the Biggest Welfare Users? // New Map Shows Counties With Poorest Residents

UPDATE: As noted in the comments below, it should be clear that the map below is about concentration of poverty, not the absolute number of poor residents. Specifically, that means that Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore may have a higher percentage of poor residents, even though Montgomery County has a higher number of overall poor residents. For example, the Maryland Reporter article in question noted:
MARYLAND REPORTER: ...90,000 people in Montgomery County alone are eligible for food assistance but do not claim benefits — suggesting the already bloated official figures may not reflect the true state of need in Maryland, and that thousands of families could be struggling needlessly.

Maryland Reporter today published an interesting article noting that a record number of Marylanders are receiving government assistance. Though the article focuses on the funding levels for various forms of welfare, Maryland Juice was drawn to a map showing the distribution of poverty in the Free State. Note below that save for Baltimore City, the densest pockets of poverty are in Republican counties. Note: red-yellow areas reflect the most dense pockets of poverty, while blue-green areas reflect lower concentrations of poor residents:


THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON RURAL MARYLAND'S RESIDENTS - The Maryland Reporter article that accompanied the map above did not stipulate where actual welfare applications are coming from, but it seems implausible based on the data above that cuts in safety net spending (aka "socialism" according to the MD GOP) wouldn't have a disproportionate (per capita) impact on the areas of Maryland represented by Republican lawmakers. Indeed, GOP residents in The Free State should be proud that their elected officials are fighting socialism by trying to cut off aid to rural areas of the state. Amusingly, Maryland Republicans have taken to accusing the Democrats of launching a war on rural Maryland. But the starving of government sought by rightwing activists and elected officials would appear to harm Republican areas, too!

Is the Maryland GOP serving their constituents' interests? Apparently, only if you care about symbolic issues like hating on gays and immigrants. But Maryland Juice would point out once again, that the parts of the State that generate the most income are the Democratic areas -- ergo, infrastructure investment in revenue-producing areas (ie: the DC suburbs) pays off in spades for Republican Counties. Too bad, the Maryland GOP is unwilling to acknowledge this reality.

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