Friday, July 6, 2012

STATUS UPDATE: 57% of Signatures for Redistricting Challenge Checked: So Far 10.4% Are Invalid // THIS COULD BE CLOSE

UPDATE: At the current stage of reporting, there are 13,318 more petition signatures to validate, and opponents of Maryland's Congressional districts only need 9,036 more valid signatures. That means almost a third of the remaining signatures could be invalid, and the GOP will have succeeded at meeting its goal. What next?

A source has pointed out that Maryland's Board of Elections posted a status updated on the challenge to the State's redistricting plan. Maryland Republicans spent the last few weeks in a frenzied effort to gather enough signatures to subject Governor O'Malley's redistricting plan to a referendum this November.

According to The Bay Net, opponents of the redistricting plan need 55,736 valid signatures, and they turned in 65,722 to meet that goal. That gives them a cushion that allows for 9,986 of their signatures to be invalid (ie: roughly 15.2%). Right now 57% of the signatures submitted (or 37,637 of the 65,722) have been looked over by the Board of Elections, and there are 3,925 invalid signatures. That means their invalid rate is currently 10.4%. This is slightly higher than the 9.1% invalid rate that the opponents earlier in the process, but it is pretty far from their 15.2% cushion.

See the current state of the petition validation below, including a County-by-County breakdown:

Maryland Redistricting Challenge - Signature Validation Status 7/5/2012

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