Monday, August 20, 2012

Maryland Referenda Numbers Released: Dream Act = 4, Marriage Equality = 6 // Democrats Weigh Yes on All Campaign

NOVEMBER REFERENDA ASSIGNED BALLOT NUMBERS: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley today sent an email indicating that the Secretary of State has released the referenda numbers for the State's numerous issue questions this year. Indeed, voters this November will be asked to vote "for" or "against" the Dream Act (#4), marriage equality (#6), redistricting (#5), gambling expansion (#7), and more. To be very clear, a vote for #6 is a vote for marriage equality, and a vote for #4 is a vote for the Dream Act. See the referenda ordering and numbers below. Note that the list does not include County referenda, such as Montgomery County's police bargaining question or a potential energy tax question.
Question 1 - Constitutional Amendment – Qualifications for Prince George’s County Orphans’ Court Judges

Question 2 – Constitutional Amendment – Qualifications for Baltimore County Orphans’ Court Judges

Question 3 – Constitutional Amendment – Suspension and Removal of Elected Officials

Question 4 – Referendum Petition – Public Institutions of Higher Education – Tuition Rates

Question 5 – Referendum Petition – Congressional Districting Plan

Question 6
– Referendum Petition - Civil Marriage Protection Act

Question 7 – Gaming Expansion Referendum - Gaming Expansion

MARYLAND DEMOCRATS WEIGHING "VOTE FOR ALL" CAMPAIGN: Meanwhile, Maryland Juice is hearing from a reliable source that Maryland's Democratic officials are weighing a campaign to ask voters to vote "FOR" all of the referenda. If the Party decides to go in that direction, you can likely expect to see direct mail, tv and email blasts encouraging voters to support the Dream Act, marriage equality, Maryland' new Congressional districts, and gambling expansion. For this plan to happen, it appears that the Party needs agreement from the Democratic Congressional candidates and statewide officials. But we also hear that some of these very same officials are centrist/DLC/Blue Dog cowards who don't want their names associated with certain liberal social issues. We shall see where this goes!

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