Saturday, August 11, 2012

ROLL CALL: Maryland Senate Approves Gambling Referendum 28-14 // PLUS: Full Scan of Gay & Lesbian Anti-Gambling Mailer

JUICE #1 - SENATE APPROVES GAMBLING WITH 28-14 VOTE: Early last night, Maryland Juice received word (from Twitter) that a majority of the State Senate voted to approve a November referendum on gambling:

ROLL CALL DETAILS: The measure will head to the House of Delegates next week, where the outcome is far less certain than in the upper chamber, where Senate President Mike Miller has made gaming a legislative priority. The Washington Post's John Wagner published the roll call for how Maryland Senators voted. Though the vote was by no means a party-line battle, most of the "yes" votes came from Democrats. We highlight the "no" votes below, but check out The Washington Post article to see the full roster.

  1. Jim Brochin
  2. Ed DeGrange
  3. Roy Dyson
  4. Brian Frosh
  5. Karen Montgomery
  6. Anthony Muse
  7. Paul Pinsky
  8. Jamie Raskin

  1. Barry Glassman
  2. Nancy Jacobs
  3. Allan Kittleman
  4. E.J. Pipkin
  5. Ed Reilly
  6. Bryan Simonaire

  1. John Astle
  2. Lisa Gladden
  3. Delores Kelley
  4. Victor Ramirez
  5. Chris Shank

JUICE #2 - FULL SCAN OF LGBT ANTI-GAMBLING MAILER: Meanwhile, yesterday Maryland Juice published news of a direct mail piece opposing the gambling effort, that was being mailed by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Action Fund. We only had a partial scan of the piece to look at, but it turns out Maryland Juice received a copy of the mail piece at our new Silver Spring/Takoma Park war room. Maryland Juice also receives word that the piece was mailed as far as the Eastern Shore. We provide a full scan of the anti-gambling mail piece below, along with the following intriguing commentary from BuzzFeed, the blog that broke the story (excerpt below):
BUZZFEED: The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force structured an anti-gambling campaign in Maryland so it wouldn't have to disclose which donors are underwriting the effort.

The group established an independent expenditure committee this week, rather than a standard political action committee, to fund its mailer opposing an effort to put a measure for expanded gambling on the ballot this fall....

See a full scan of the direct mail piece below:
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force's Maryland Anti-Gambling Mailer

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