Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CD1 VIDEO: Sen. Ben Cardin Endorses Democrat John LaFerla's Write-In Campaign Against Tea Party Rep. Andy Harris

Maryland's 1st Congressional District race was recently upended when Democratic nominee Wendy Rosen dropped out of the race this month over voter fraud allegations. Democrats, for what its worth, are rallying behind Dr. John LaFerla -- the runner-up in last April's CD1 Democratic Primary. The Chestertown Spy yesterday reported that Senator Ben Cardin was recently on the campaign trail for Dr. LaFerla. You can read a quick excerpt from their coverage and watch a video of Cardin's endorsement below:
CHESTERTOWN SPY: Cardin wasted no time pouncing on Republican incumbent, Dr. Andy Harris, for rejecting a farm bill that would help the Shore’s drought stricken farmers. He read off seven letters that he said would move the bill towards passage after the November election.

“Let me just spell his name, L-A-F-E-R-L-A,” Cardin said—reminding voters that LaFerla is a write-in candidate. “The Farm Bill passed the Senate with strong bi-partisan support, but we just can’t seem to get it out of the House of Representatives....”

More on the CD1 race soon!

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