Thursday, September 20, 2012

POLL RESULTS: 60% of Likely Maryland Voters Support a "VOTE FOR" the Dream Act (Question 4)

Educating Maryland Kids, a statewide group supporting a "vote for" the Dream Act (Question 4), is now touting new poll results showing 60% of voters support their position. See the press release and polling memo below:


New Poll Finds Strong Statewide Support for Question 4, 
Maryland DREAM Act with 60% in Favor

The campaign to defend the Maryland DREAM Act, Educating Maryland Kids, today released a new poll that found significant majority support for Question 4, the ballot referendum on the Maryland DREAM Act.

Sixty percent of likely voters statewide polled affirmed their support for the Maryland DREAM Act, which would ensure that all students who graduated from Maryland high schools and whose families pay Maryland taxes can pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities, regardless of immigration status. Another 14% were undecided, with only 26% opposed to the law. Three-fifths of white voters and three-fourths of African Americans voters support Question 4.

“We are in a strong position going into the last stretch of the campaign,” said Travis Tazelaar, campaign manager for Educating Maryland Kids.   “These high levels of support demonstrate that when voters understand what this law is about, and that it’s a simple matter of fairness, they know voting ‘for’ Question 4 on November 6 is good for both our state and our students.”

Read the full polling memo here:

Elected officials, teachers, clergy, students, labor union members, community leaders and other members of the diverse Educating Maryland Kids coalition are educating Maryland voters about the issue and urging them to vote ‘for’ Question 4 on November 6 and continuing to build on the momentum demonstrated by the new poll.

To be eligible for the Maryland DREAM Act, students must not only graduate from a Maryland high school and pay Maryland taxes but they also must start at a community college and attend for 2 years or attain 60 credits before transferring to a four-year public college or university in the state.  When they apply to a four-year institution, they’ll be considered in the pool with out-of-state applicants, so there is no competition between native-born Maryland students and DREAM Act students for spots.

Educating Maryland Kids, the coalition working to protect the Maryland DREAM Act, is comprised of faith-based, education, civil rights, and labor organizations including SEIU, the Maryland State Education Association, Maryland IAF, Maryland Catholic Conference, NAACP, and CASA de Maryland.

The poll included 503 likely voters statewide and was conducted September 14-16, 2012 by Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group.  The poll memo is available here:

Dream Act Polling Memo: Garin Hart Yang

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