Thursday, October 11, 2012

ATTORNEY GENERAL 2014: Sen. Brian Frosh Unveils Massive Supporters List for Exploratory Committee Kickoff

Maryland Juice received the following press announcement from State Senator Brian Frosh (D16 Democrat). We previously broke news that the Montgomery County progressive was plotting a run for Attorney General in 2014. It appears that since then, he has been hard at work. Frosh today unveiled a massive supporters list that includes former Governors, members of Congress, County Executives, numerous state legislators, and more. Maryland Juice believes that as long as Frosh can raise sufficient funds, this should make him an early frontrunner in the 2014 Attorney General field. See below:


Senator Brian Frosh Creates Exploratory Committee
for Maryland Attorney General Campaign

Van Hollen, Baker, Leggett, Glendening, Hughes
and Sachs among group advising Frosh

Maryland Senator Brian Frosh announced Thursday an exploratory committee for Attorney General in 2014 that includes members of Congress, former governors, county executives and state legislators as well as community and civic leaders.

The exploratory committee has representation from across Maryland and includes U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollen, Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, former Governors Parris Glendening and Harry Hughes, and former Maryland Attorney General Stephen Sachs.

The committee also includes a majority of the members of the Maryland Senate, Democratic Party leaders and community activists.  A list of the expanding committee is attached and may be found here.

“These are people I greatly respect, and having their advice, support and endorsement means a great deal to me,” said Senator Frosh, a Democrat from District 16 in Montgomery County. “I will continue to consult with, and seek the opinions of, knowledgeable Marylanders during the next several months and will then make a formal announcement about the 2014 election.”

“Brian Frosh has devoted himself to the hard work of public policy and cares deeply about justice and due process,” said Rep. Van Hollen (D-8). “He would provide the state of Maryland and its people with outstanding representation as the Attorney General.”

Senator Frosh, an attorney in private practice in Montgomery County, has served in the General Assembly for more than 25 years and chairs the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, the panel that handles key legal issues. He has been a leading voice on the environment, consumer protection, individual privacy, education and civil rights.

In agreeing to serve on the exploratory committee, Montgomery County Executive Leggett said, “Brian’s compassion, independence and integrity have been apparent to us in Montgomery County for many years.  He has been the state leader on protecting our environment and ensuring that we have a fair and impartial judiciary that protects the rights of all Marylanders. I am pleased to offer my wholehearted support to him in the race for Attorney General.”

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker stated, “I served with Brian Frosh in the General Assembly and I was always deeply impressed with his sense of fairness and decency. He is thoughtful and independent, and possesses the right disposition and temperament to serve as Maryland’s top legal officer.”

“Brian is honest and smart,” added State Sen. Lisa Gladden (D-Baltimore). “He fights hard for the right causes and will stand up for the people of Maryland.”

Steve Sachs, who served as Maryland Attorney General from 1979 to 1987, said he had watched Senator Frosh handle complicated legal issues for many years. “He has a rare talent for listening carefully to all sides and making good decisions,” Sachs said. “He has the experience – both in government and in the legal community – to become an excellent attorney general.”

Brian Frosh for Attorney General
Initial Exploratory Committee Membership

Stanley D. Abrams
Hon. Saqib Ali
Del. Curt Anderson
Si and Ellen Atlas 
County Executive Rushern Baker
Del. Charlie Barkley
Hon. Michael Barnes
Hon. Walter and Barbara Behr
Sen. Joanne Benson
Hon. Roger Berliner
Daphne Bloomberg
Douglas Bregman
Sen. James Brochin
Hon. Paul Carlson
Sen. Joan Carter Conway
Daniel Clements
Tony Clifford
Hon. Gene Counihan
Sen. Ulysses Currie
Gail David
Hon. Connie DeJuliis
Vincent DeMarco
Sen. Roy Dyson
Hon. Marc Elrich
Hon. Valerie Ervin
Julie Farkas
Sen. Bill Ferguson
Esther and Nat Finkelstein
Dania Fitzgerald
Hon. Nancy Floreen
Clara and  Jeremiah Floyd
Sen. Jennie Forehand
Patty Friedman
Barbara and David Garlock 
Hon. Esther Gelman
Mark Gilday
Suzan and Stan Gildenhorn
state Senator Lisa Gladden
Hon. Parris Glendening
Seth Goldman
Hon. David Harrington
Hon. Tom Hattery
Ben Hecht
Steve Heydemann 
Del. Sheila Hixson
Peter Holland
Fred Hoover
Donna Horgan
Del. Tom Hucker
Hon. Harry Hughes
Hon. Ralph Hughes
Rosalyn Levy Jonas and Gary F. Jonas
Sen. Verna Jones-Rodwell
Leslie and Samuel Kaplan
Dan Kazzaz
Sen. Delores Kelley
J. Laurence Kent
Sen. Nancy King
Hon. Rona Kramer
Hon. Sidney Kramer
Hon. Barbara O. Kreamer
Teresa K. LaMaster
Del. Susan Lee
County Executive Ike Leggett
Hon. George Leventhal
Blair Levin
Terry Lierman
Mark London
Del. Eric Luedtke
Sen. Richard Madaleno, Jr.
Sen. Roger Manno
Sen. Nathaniel McFadden
Rich McGill
Sen. Thomas Mac Middleton
Sen. Thomas V. Mike Miller
Michael Millemann
Sen. Karen S. Montgomery
Sen. Tony Muse
Mary Jo Neville
Joe Perta
Hon. Carol Petzold
Cathy and Dave Pickar
Michael Pinard
Sen. Paul G. Pinsky
Sen. Catherine Pugh
Nancy and Joel Rabin
Sen. Victor Ramirez
Sen. Jamie Raskin
Terry Roberts
Sen. Jim Rosapepe
Beth and Steve Rosenthal
Hon. Steve Sachs
Jack Schwartz
Hon. David and Nancy Scull
Lainie Shanee
Del. Luiz Simmons
Hon. Jeffrey Slavin
Rena Steinzor
Andy Stern
David Stern and Tracey Hughes
Hon. Leonard Teitelbaum
Susan and Bruce Turnbull
Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Michael Warshaw
Sam Witten
Bill Wood
Cong. Chris Van Hollen
Balt. City Council Pres. Bernard "Jack" Young 
Sen. Ron Young

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