Friday, October 26, 2012

EMAIL BLAST: Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett Makes Personal Appeal for Question B: "I Need Your Help"

Today Maryland Juice received the email blast below from Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett. Yesterday, the MoCo police union (FOP Lodge 30) called for the resignation of Leggett's spokesperson, Patrick Lacefield, over the county's Question B referendum. Today, Leggett is striking back with a personal appeal to voters to "vote for" Question B and eliminate "effects bargaining" for county police:

Vote FOR Question B
requests Ike Leggett

Ike leggett good one 
Please Vote For Question B 
Last year, all nine Montgomery County Councilmembers voted to support a critical reform at the Montgomery County Police Department. 
As County Executive, I signed it into law.

Police Union leaders have petitioned that reform to the November ballot. That's Question B.

Democrats and Republicans may not agree on much - but both parties in the County are urging a vote FOR Question B.

Currently, Police Union leaders can demand to bargain any and all management decisions made by the Police Chief.  This makes no sense.

It diminishes accountability, inhibits innovation, and costs County taxpayers lots of money. It prevents the Chief from effectively carrying out his job of managing the Police Department in the most productive way possible -- protecting both his officers and the lives and property of County residents.

No  other Police Union in the State and no other County employee union have this power. The change would preserve the union's right to bargain on wages, hours, working conditions, and safety but fix their sweeping ability to make the Police Chief bargain every management decision with them.   
There's more info at 

What can you do?
  • Vote FOR Question B. Early voting begins October 27.
  • Take this email, share on your community listserve, and forward to your friends and neighbors.
  • Contact "Neighbors FOR Question B" to help at

Thanks for your help.


I need your help to win a "FOR Question B" vote.

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