Friday, October 12, 2012

EXHIBITS: Montgomery County Government Launches Aggressive "Vote for Question B" Campaign (Even in Korean!)

Maryland Juice just received the latest email newsletter from Montgomery County's Public Information Office. Judging from the top content in their public outreach effort, it appears that the County Executive has made advocacy for "Question B" MoCo's top priority this November. MoCo is now moving aggressively to tell voters to "vote for Question B," which would eliminate police union "effects bargaining" rights. Below we highlight several new advocacy products from the Montgomery County government.

EXHIBIT 1: MoCo Question B website at MontgomeryCountyMD.Gov/QuestionB - Montgomery County's government has launched a new website urging voters to support "Question B." The site includes pro-forma campaign sections (eg: endorsements) and even a slogan: "Protect Accountability, Innovation, Efficiency."

EXHIBIT 2: Multilingual Campaign Flyers - Montgomery County has produced a new flyer urging a "vote for" Question B, and they even have it available in Chinese, French, Korean and Spanish. See the English and Korean versions below:

EXHIBIT 3: Spanish Language PSA - Montgomery County has also produced a Spanish-language PSA encouraging residents to "vote for" Question B:

EXHIBIT 4: Television Show on Question B - Montgomery County produces a television show for Police Chief Manger -- this month's topic is (surprise) Question B:

EXHIBIT 5: Montgomery County Top 15 List - The Public Information Office's newsletter also includes "the list Police Union Leaders Don't Want You to See." It contains "Fifteen Police Department policies waiting 'Approval" of Union Leaders - most for over two years."

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