Friday, October 26, 2012

Jewish Community Relations Council Urges "Vote For" Dream Act, Marriage Equality & Expanded Hiring for Disabled Workers

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington (JCRC) is urging Maryland voters to "vote for" the Dream Act (Question 4) and marriage equality (Question 6). Additionally, they are urging Montgomery County voters to "vote for" Question A, which would expand hiring opportunities for disabled individuals. The piece below, by JCRC leaders Ron Halber and Harvey Reiter, appeared yesterday in Washington Jewish Week (excerpt below):
WASHINGTON JEWISH WEEK: The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington is urging our community to vote for the Dream Act, Marriage Equality and the proposed charter amendment to Expand County Hiring for People with Physical, Cognitive Disabilities.... As Jews we are called on to act - for ourselves, our fellow Jews, our neighbors and the whole world....
Our own history is a reminder of how education has benefited not only the Jewish immigrant community, but all of society. The Maryland Dream Act extends eligibility for in-state tuition rates at communitycolleges to young people who grew up in Maryland..... To support this law, vote "yes" on Question 4.

It is with great respect for all religious traditional perspectives that the JCRC urges the community to vote in support of marriage equality.... No rabbi whose denomination bars sanctifying same-sex marriage would be required to officiate at such a marriage.... The JCRC encourages you to vote for Question 6.

Way down the ballot, past the statewide questions, under "Montgomery County," the proposed charter amendment to expand county "Hiring Individuals with Disabilities" would allow the county government to give qualified individuals with disabilities the same hiring preference for county government jobs that is now accorded to veterans.... Vote for "Question A, Charter amendment by act of County Council Merit System-Hiring Individuals with Disabilities".
Read the full JCRC endorsement at Washington  Jewish Week.

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