Thursday, October 4, 2012

LISTEN ONLINE: Educating Maryland Kids Releases New Ad Supporting Dream Act // Radio Spot Urges "Vote For" Question 4

Educating Maryland Kids, a group campaigning in favor of the Dream Act, released a new radio spot today. The group also announced a large buy of ad time to air their message in Baltimore. Listen to the ad and see the press release below:

Educating Maryland Kids Launches Maryland DREAM Act 
Ad Campaign with $54,000 Radio Ad Buy in Baltimore

Educating Maryland Kids, the campaign to defend the Maryland DREAM Act, today announced the launch of a new radio ad airing on drive-time radio on two major Baltimore stations—WLIF 101.9 and WPOC 93.1.  The radio buy, which amounts to $54,000, marks the beginning of a major ad campaign which will blanket the airwaves from now until Election Day, when voters will decide on Question 4, the Maryland DREAM Act.
You can listen to the ad here:

The script of the 60-second ad reads:

“Maryland.  We built this state on the bedrock of hard work and fair play.  Everybody’s story starts with somebody in his or her family who worked hard and earned their dream.  No handouts, no guarantees.

That’s what voting for Question 4 is all about—making sure the rules are the same for every Maryland high school graduate as long as they’re willing to earn their way and play by the rules.

Question 4 is simple and fair—if you pay taxes in Maryland, you graduate from a Maryland high school, you pay in-state tuition.  Period.  It’s right; it’s fair.  No handouts, no guarantees.   In Maryland, we take education and the future of every child seriously.  That’s worth defending.  This November, do what’s right and do what’s fair for all kids in Maryland.  Vote for Question 4.”

In addition to the ad campaign, which will include other radio stations and TV ads as we get closer to the election, Educating Maryland Kids and its coalition partners are continuing their major, statewide voter mobilization efforts.  Teachers, union members, students, people of faith, and activists are phone-banking and canvassing in communities across the state to educate voters about Question 4 and urge them to support the Maryland DREAM Act by voting for Question 4.

To be eligible for the Maryland DREAM Act, students must not only graduate from a Maryland high school and pay Maryland taxes but they also must start at a community college and attend for 2 years or attain 60 credits before transferring to a four-year public college or university in the state.  When they apply to a four-year institution, they’ll be considered in the pool with out-of-state applicants, so there is no competition between native-born Maryland students and DREAM Act students for spots.

Educating Maryland Kids is comprised of faith-based, education, civil rights, and labor organizations including SEIU, the Maryland State Education Association, Maryland IAF, Maryland Catholic Conference, NAACP, and CASA de Maryland.


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