Sunday, October 21, 2012

NEW: Rockville-Specific Marriage Equality Lawnsigns // PLUS: Elijah Cummings Hiding from Civil Rights & PG Dems Speak Out

UPDATE: Rockville City Councilmember Tom Moore sends us word that Rockville marriage equality supporters have reached their fundraising goal. Signs will be ready for pickup next Monday:
TOM MOORE: Thanks for the link over the weekend.  We raised $645 in a flash with help from Maryland Juice! I've shut down the fundraising, I've ordered 300 signs, and they're being rushed back here.  Pickups start at my home -- 11 Forest Ave. in Rockville (map below) -- starting next Monday, Oct. 29.

JUICE #1: NEW ROCKVILLE QUESTION 6 LAWNSIGNS - Rockville City Councilmember Tom Moore has also decided to go rogue and print his own Question 6 materials. He is organizing pro-marriage equality Rockville residents to print a batch of "vote for" 6 lawnsigns. Here's some information from his new website:
TOM MOORE: Here's the deal: A few folks in Rockville wanted to get the message out by printing up some yard signs and giving them away. They've kicked in around $700. A few more folks said, "How can we help?"

This is how you can help. Click on the Paypal link below and give anything you'd like -- anything up to $50. (Please, no more than that -- over $50, and we may have to report your name, and we'd rather skip the hassle.)
Here's how it's going to work: The signs will be shipped to the home of the reasonably upstanding Rockville citizen Tom Moore, where anyone and everyone can come by and pick up a few signs for their yard. Whether or not you kick a few bucks toward the effort, you're more than welcome to nab some signs. Tom's house is at 11 Forest Avenue in Rockville.

JUICE #2: DOES REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS GET A FREE PASS ON SUPPORTING CIVIL RIGHTS? - Shouldn't there be some expectation from the party base that long-time "pro-civil rights" advocates actually do something to help Maryland families in their time of need? Rep. Elijah Cummings has been in office for a decade and a half and is never in danger of losing his seat. So much so, that Maryland Juice wonders if he thinks he's earned enough chits with progressive voters that he doesn't have to help with civil rights causes like marriage equality anymore. Cummings' silence is completely voluntary.

At last check Rep. Cummings' position on the issue was: "It’s now up to the voters to decide whether to uphold the law." Is this an acceptable position for a safe member of Congress in a one-party Democratic state?  He wants to subject individual rights to a popular vote?  Remind me not to vote for Elijah Cummings in the Democratic Primary if he ever runs for U.S. Senate.


JUICE #3: LAST CALL FOR OBAMA-DREAM-MARRIAGE SIGNS IN BALTIMORE - Maryland Juice & allies have been distributing lawnsigns throughout the state urging residents to vote for:
  1. Obama
  2. Dream Act (Question 4)
  3. marriage equality (Question 6) 

BALTIMORE SIGNS AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP: We are almost completely sold out, but there are a handful of signs left in Baltimore. If you are able to pick them up in B'more and are interested in spreading the word in your neighborhood, please email me at for instructions. Maybe you can even put a few up in Rep. Elijah Cummings' neighborhood.  :)

JUICE #4: PRINCE GEORGE'S DEMOCRATS GLENN IVEY & JOLENE IVEY COMBAT MISINFORMATION: Lastly, if you're sitting on your laurels while this battle is going on in Maryland, it is time to wake up! The haters are airing television advertisements trying to confuse and mislead voters into voting against basic legal rights for Maryland families. They are seizing on Gallaudet University's suspension of their anti-marriage equality "diversity & inclusion" provost as evidence that "we're all at risk."

This has led our side to divert efforts from our basic message to try and fend off the misinformation campaign. Delegate Jolene Ivey and her husband Glenn Ivey (former P.G. State's Attorney) released the following ad to counter recent propaganda from the anti-civil rights forces:

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