Thursday, October 18, 2012

POLL RESULTS: Dream Act With Big Lead In New Poll // PLUS: Without Sobhani In Senate Race Cardin Beats Bongino Easily

Below Maryland Juice highlights two new polls, plus a television ad from U.S. Senator Ben Cardin.

JUICE #1: WASHINGTON POST POLL HAS DREAM ACT WITH HUGE LEAD - The Washington Post released more poll results today, and this time they are showing the Dream Act (Question 4) with a large lead (excerpt below):
WASHINGTON POST: Maryland voters broadly support a measure that would allow undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities, according to a new Washington Post poll. A referendum on the law appears as Question 4 on the November ballot. The poll finds 59 percent of likely voters back the plan; 35 percent are opposed....

In Maryland, the poll finds fully three-quarters of Democrats and 58 percent of independent voters supporting the measure.... White voters divide roughly evenly on the subject, while non-whites favor it by a huge margin — 75 to 19 percent. More than seven in 10 voters with postgraduate degrees say they would vote yes, including a majority who say they feel strongly about it.

JUICE #2: NEW POLL SHOWS RESULTS IF ONLY CARDIN & BONGINO WERE RUNNING FOR SENATE - The Takoma Park Patch flagged new poll results today in Maryland's U.S. Senate race (Hat tip: Howard Gorrell). They note that pollsters did not include independent candidate Rob Sobhani in their survey. While that makes the results more of a curiosity than anything else, I think it is worth noting that incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin would still be crushing GOP nominee Dan Bongino right now:
TAKOMA PARK PATCH: We have a new poll for the state of Maryland from YouGov which shows, not surprisingly, Barack Obama and Ben Cardin ahead in their respective races.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 58% 
Mitt Romney (R) 37% 

Ben Cardin (D-inc) 54% 
Dan Bongino (R) 30%

You can see more detailed results from the survey by YouGov below:
YouGov U.S. Senate Poll: Ben Cardin vs. Dan Bongino

JUICE #3: NEW TELEVISION AD FROM SENATOR BEN CARDIN - U.S. Senator Ben Cardin is out with a new tv ad in his race against Rob Sobhani and Dan Bongino. The spot features former World War II fighter pilot Maurice “Mo” Mallinoff who lives in Silver Spring, and it is airing in the Baltimore and DC markets. Watch below:

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