Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TODAY'S MAIL: Gambling Expansion Supporters Argue Question 7 Protects Maryland's School Funding


A Maryland Juice reader forwarded us the latest direct mail piece in the state's casino wars. The mail piece below was received by a Montgomery County Democrat, and it argues that Maryland's gambling expansion plan (Question 7) protects school funding.

This defensive advertisement from Question 7 supporters is clearly intended to rebut recent arguments from gambling opponents that there are loopholes allowing casino revenues to be shifted away from schools.

You can see the new "vote for" Question 7 mail piece below, and a copy of the last "vote against" 7 piece at right.

Note that I live in Montgomery County, and my house only received the "vote against" piece.

Direct Mail from "Vote For" Question 7 Campaign - 10/16/12

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