Friday, November 2, 2012

Nike, PayPal & Catholics Support Maryland Marriage Equality in Homestretch // New TV Spot, Full-Page Newspaper Ad & More

We are heading into the home-stretch for Maryland's presidential election races, and marriage equality supporters are making their final appeals. Below you can see a series of closing arguments from the "vote for" Question 6 side, including support from big businesses, a new television ad, and a full-page message in The Baltimore Sun (see below):

JUICE #1: PAYPAL, NIKE, NORDSTROM & OTHER COMPANIES THINK MARRIAGE EQUALITY IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS - Marylanders for Marriage Equality announced a late-breaking coalition of businesses is endorsing a "vote for" Question 6:


Business Endorses Question 6

BALTIMORE - Support for Question 6, the Civil Marriage Protection Act, continues to gain widespread and diverse support as we approach Election Day. Today, Timonium-based PayPal, Calvert Investments in Bethesda, NIKE, Inc. and Nordstrom endorsed Question 6 in Maryland.
"We believe Question 6 is about fairness and equality under the law; it's good public policy and a smart business practice that enhances competitiveness," said Bennett Freeman, Senior Vice President, Sustainability Research and Policy of Calvert Investments. "As investors, we have long promoted the adoption of workplace policies that afford equal treatment of gay and lesbian employees, such as inclusive language in nondiscrimination policies, and equal benefits."

Nordstrom, eBay (PayPal), Nike, Inc., and Calvert Investments join more than 200 small businesses and organizations that have endorsed Question 6. Other business supporters include Engage LLC, Prescott Publishing, and Cook Ross, Inc.

Marylanders for Marriage Equality is a diverse coalition of labor, faith, and civil liberties groups working to protect marriage for gay and lesbian couples on the November ballot.


JUICE #2: FINAL TV APPEAL: "MARYLAND, IT'S TIME" - Marylanders for Marriage Equality is also making what it is calling its "final appeal" on television. Watch the spot below, which argues that "it's time" for marriage equality:

JUICE #3: CATHOLICS FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY BALTIMORE SUN AD - Last Monday, Maryland Juice reported on a full-page ad that appeared in The Baltimore Sun, which made a specious argument asking "Christians" to oppose civil rights. Now a group called Catholics for Marriage Equality is countering the effort with their own full-page ad in The Sun:

JUICE #4: MARRIAGE EQUALITY PHONEBANKERS NEEDED ON SATURDAY (AND BEYOND) - If you'd like to volunteer to support marriage equality in the closing days of the Maryland campaign, there is a large phonebank effort being organized at the Silver Spring office this Saturday. Details below:
Marylanders for Marriage Equality will be holding phone banks on Saturday, November 3 from 12:30-2:30pm as part of its get-out-the-vote effort. The phone banks will be held at MDFME's Silver Spring office located at 8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 900. Elected officials are expected to stop by.

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