Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cash On Hand in Maryland 2014 Governor's Race: Gansler $5.2 million, Ulman $2.1 million, Brown $1.63 million, Mizeur $380k

Money isn't everything, but the rate and aggregate haul of cash in the 2014 Governor's race are still interesting metrics. Maryland Juice just received the press release below indicating that Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has raised $1.25 million. A quick check of the campaign finance report linked below shows he now has $1.63 million cash on hand.

Notably, Attorney General Doug Gansler is claiming $5.2 million cash on hand, and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman is reporting $2.1 million in the bank. Meanwhile, Delegate Heather Mizeur has announced $380,000 cash on hand so far. See press releases from Brown and Mizeur below:


MITCHELLVILLE, Md. (January 16, 2013) - Today, Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown released the following statements on his fundraising numbers for this reporting period, showing $1.25 million raised.

The fundraising report showed Brown raised $1.25 million in the last year, outpacing others in the state and indicating that Brown's fundraising base continues to grow. The total is Brown's strongest report yet, and comes in addition to the money he raised for President Obama's re-election effort, the Maryland Democratic Party, and Ballot Questions 4 and 6.

"I am pleased with our fundraising success and honored to have the support of so many people across Maryland," said Lt. Governor Anthony Brown. "I look forward to continuing to move Maryland forward with the help of thousands of committed friends and neighbors."

"Thanks to the incredible momentum of the last year, we will have the resources to communicate Anthony's vision for a stronger economy, a stronger education system, and a responsive and accountable government," said Finance Chair Martin Knott, Jr. "And that is what ultimately matters to voters."

Click here to see the top page of Lt. Governor Brown's fundraising report.



Delegate Heather Mizeur Outpaces Equivalent O'Malley Fundraising

SILVER SPRING, Maryland – Delegate Heather Mizeur will issue her annual 2013 finance report later today. Friends of Heather Mizeur will report raising $248,671 in 2012, with over $380,000 cash on hand.

In the ten weeks from November 1st to January 9th, Mizeur raised $155,671. In the equivalent period before his re-election fight, Governor Martin O’Malley raised only $93,976.

Over 64% of Mizeur's contributors were grassroots donors who gave $100 or less.

"In every corner of the state, voters tell me they want a Governor with clear ideas for the future and a track record of results. I'm honored that so many are encouraging me to run, and I will never stop working to strengthen our economy, protect our natural resources, and ensure that every Marylander receives equal protections and rights under the law," Mizeur said.

“We're thrilled with the breadth and energy of the coalition urging Heather to enter this race," said Mizeur's Chief of Staff, Joanna Belanger. "There are big things to come in 2013."


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