Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bill Frick Announces Run for Attorney General at Young Dems Event // Gansler Says He Can Make MD Death Penalty Not Racist

Maryland Juice has spent this lazy Saturday morning trolling the #MDpolitics feed on Twitter, and lots of developments have been brewing! Below we highlight a few tidbits from today's Young Democrats of Maryland Statewide Convention, which features speeches by 2014 candidates for Governor and Attorney General. Check out our news round-up constructed from Tweets:

JUICE #1: DELEGATE BILL FRICK ANNOUNCES RUN FOR MARYLAND ATTORNEY GENERAL - Maryland Juice previously noted that Delegate Bill Frick was exploring a run for Attorney General in 2014. The District 16 Democrat recently hired a former campaign worker for Rep. John Delaney and admitted he was seriously weighing a run for AG. Today he spoke at the Maryland Young Dems convention and straight-up announced he was indeed pursuing a run for statewide office in 2014:

I asked a source in attendance whether Delegate Frick hedged his announcement at all, and they responded: "He didn't hedge.  He talked about underdog campaigns and compared the power of the law to the power of legislating.  Lobbyists can't protect you from the law."

Notably, Frick currently represents District 16 in Montgomery County, alongside another candidate for Attorney General, Senator Brian Frosh. This development has two obvious effects: 1) there will now be at least two open Delegate seats in D16, and 2) politicos will be watching to see if Frick and Frosh end up cannibalizing the Montgomery County vote. There is obviously the potential for them to appeal to voters outside of MoCo, but we don't yet know how this will all play out.

JUICE #2: ATTORNEY GENERAL DOUG GANSLER QUESTIONED OVER CLAIM THAT HE CAN MAKE THE DEATH PENALTY NOT RACIST - Maryland Juice previously noted that 2014 gubernatorial candidate Doug Gansler was a supporter of the death penalty, and the issue of course came up during the Young Dems convention today. Gansler was asked about his support for executions by Maryland state employees, and the gubernatorial candidate stated that he thought he could make the death penalty not be racist. Check out the Tweets discussing this topic from Young Dems in Baltimore, College Park, MoCo and more:

More on Maryland's 2014 Statewide Primaries Soon!

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