Thursday, March 7, 2013

#OccupyLife - Watch This Video by London's Citizens! (It's Better Than Gangnam Style) // PLUS: Slapped Awake in 15 Days

Maryland Juice recently caught the London-based band Citizens! at their very first show in New York earlier this week. Check out the awesome music video for their song "True Romance" below. The description for the piece notes that it was cut using footage from the "1987 Telugu movie 'Pasivadi Pranam' starring the legendary Chiranjeevi." I think it blows Gangnam Style out of the water (just my two cents!):

P.S. WATCH THIS - If you haven't yet seen "Slapped Awake for Fifteen Days," it is a strangely hypnotic use of 1 minute & 45 seconds of your time. I caught this video when it had a few thousand views, and I now see that it has over 1 million. Find out why below:

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