Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LEAKED EMAIL: Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown & HoCo Exec Ken Ulman Officially Forming a Ticket for Maryland Governor's Race

Maryland Juice has just caught wind of an article in the Daily Record announcing that Lt. Governor Anthony Brown has chosen a running-mate in his quest to become the next Free State Governor. No surprise here -- it's Howard County Executive Ken Ulman (excerpt below):
DAILY RECORD: Howard County Executive Ken Ulman will join Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown‘s ticket in next year’s race for governor. The official announcement will come June 3 in Columbia, according to an email circulated by Annapolis lobbyists.

David Nitkin, director of communications for Howard County, confirmed Wednesday morning an announcement would be made June 3 in Columbia about the 2014 election but would not confirm the substance of the announcement....

LEAKED EMAIL: Maryland Juice obtained a copy of the leaked email mentioned above:
From:      Robin Shaivitz
Sent:       Wednesday, May 29, 2013 9:08 AM
Subject:  The Rumor is True!

Yes, friends, the worst kept rumor of the political season is true. Howard County Executive Ken Ulman will be joining Lt. Governor Anthony Brown's ticket for the upcoming Governor's race!  The announcement will take place on the morning of June 3 at the Columbia lakefront. Ken told me to invite all of you who can make it around 9:00 am.

Ken and his entire family have been our friends in Columbia since I was a young Mom hanging out on soccer fields!  Now as County Executive, Ken has done an outstanding job to ensure that my home county is the best place to live and work in Maryland. He plans to bring those skills to the Brown ticket.

Anthony has had 7 years as the #2 slot in the Administration. He no doubt knows what it is like in this job. I fully expect that they are the victors. Ken will have much to say in some specific areas of interest, such as business and economic development.

By no means is this race a foregone conclusion. Attorney General Doug Gansler has the money to make a terrific primary race. Plus, the candidates on the Republican side include Blaine Young, the very colorful Frederick County Commissioner, and David Craig, the popular and very experienced Harford County Executive.

There is lots to look forward to in the upcoming race!


Robin F. Shaivitz
Chief Operating Officer
Government Relations Division

Attorneys at Law
54 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401

QUICK ANALYSIS: What does this mean for the race going forward? First, Anthony Brown will now be able to double his campaign appearances by dispatching Ulman to various parts of the state. Second, we can expect that Ken Ulman, like many political running mates, may be tasked with handling some of the Brown-Ulman ticket's dirty work (think responding to negative messages and being more free to serve in a "pit bull" role as examples). Most importantly, a Maryland Juice reader has reminded me that the Brown-Ulman alliance means that Attorney General Doug Gansler's cash advantage has been largely minimized by the combined war chest of the Lt. Governor and HoCo Executive. Lastly, this puts pressure on the other candidates to firm up their campaign timelines.

For example, this morning Barry Rascovar wrote in the Carroll County Times an article with the following headline: "Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger Must Decide Whether to Run." Indeed, the 2014 gubernatorial campaign is moving into full swing, and the time to sh*t or get off the pot is now (excerpt below):
CARROLL COUNTY TIMES: Dutch Ruppersberger has a major decision to make. Will the former Baltimore County Executive, who represents much of this area in Congress, run for governor? It won’t be an easy call for the five-term Democrat....

Ruppersberger has broad name recognition in the Baltimore region. That’s something Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, Attorney General Doug Gansler, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman and Montgomery County Del. Heather Mizeur lack. He’s the most moderate of the bunch. Everyone else is left or far-left of center....
Ruppersberger’s decision may boil down to whether he is willing to give up his seat in Congress. Right now, he’s an important figure because he’s the top House Democrat on the Intelligence Committee. But he’s term-limited and must give up his prestigious seat on the panel next year. Then he becomes an unimportant minority member of Congress....


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