Sunday, July 28, 2013

EXCUSE ME? Potomac's Millionaire Congressman John Delaney Voted with Republicans AGAINST Obamacare for Big Business

WTF: Coming off the heels of freshman Congressman John Delaney's bad vote to allow the NSA to spy on his constituents, The Baltimore Sun's John Fritze is reporting that Delaney (a Maryland "Democrat") recently voted with U.S. House Republicans against President Obama's health care reform proposal (aka "Obamacare"). After all that Democrats went through over the last few years with the birthers, Tea Partiers, and hysteria about Obamacare "death panels" -- did we re-draw the Congressional districts of all of our Democratic House Representatives in order to facilitate the election of a conservative 1%-er? Fritze's piece also highlights a range of support from Delaney for Republican legislative proposals (excerpt below):
BALTIMORE SUN: Something unusual happened when the controversy over the nation's health care law erupted again on the floor of the House of Representatives this month: A Maryland Democrat voted with Republicans.

Rep. John Delaney, the state's newest member of Congress, was one of 35 Democrats out of 200 to vote for a Republican proposal to delay a requirement that large businesses offer health coverage to workers. He was the only Democrat from Maryland to do so.
"I've said from the beginning that Obamacare is an imperfect piece of legislation..." Delaney said of the vote.... And so Delaney has positioned himself to the right of the rest of the state's congressional delegation. He has split with a majority of Democrats on six major votes on issues such as oil drilling and domestic surveillance. He courted more than a dozen Republicans to co-sponsor a bill to fund infrastructure projects and recently joined a bipartisan "no labels" coalition that is seeking middle ground in Washington....

This month, Delaney became the only House Democrat to sign on to a proposal to study federal monetary policy — a longtime cause of conservatives. Several Republicans on Capitol Hill said Delaney's business background gives him a sense of authority on debates about the economy and employment. "He came by and spent a lot of time with me," said Rep. Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican and deputy majority whip who is co-sponsoring one of Delaney's bills....

A New Jersey native, Delaney in 2000 founded a successful bank called CapitalSource and led it as CEO for nearly a decade.... His former career makes him among the wealthiest members of the House. Delaney spent $2.3 million of his own money on the 2012 campaign.... Delaney remains a major shareholder and is poised to collect tens of millions of dollars under a pending sale of CapitalSource.

NOW WE KNOW WHERE JOHN DELANEY STANDS ON THE ISSUES - Below Maryland Juice highlights a few pieces of disturbing evidence of John Delaney's conservative views. But it is worth noting that before writing this article, I posted a link to The Baltimore Sun article above on my social media accounts, and I've been surprised to see that its been viewed by hundreds of people. News of Delaney's fondness for Republican legislative proposals has many Maryland Democrats angry (samples below):

DELANEY'S SIGNATURE CORPORATE TAX BREAK PROPOSAL IS OPPOSED BY THE CLINTONS' THINK TANK (AND MANY MORE) - Notably, John Delaney's election to the U.S. House was facilitated heavily by an endorsement from Democratic President Bill Clinton. But an anonymous source pointed out that Delaney's signature legislative proposal (a bill to allow corporations who hid their money abroad to "repatriate" their earnings) is being opposed by the Center for American Progress (CAP), a think tank established by the Clintons to bolster their policy agenda. CAP is joined in opposition to Delaney's corporate welfare proposal by a range of progressive groups including MoveOn, Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights, SEIU and many more (details below):

The craziest thing about all this is that unless he's moved recently, it doesn't even appear that Potomac banker John Delaney lives in the 6th Congressional District he represents. Congressman John Delaney appears to be represented by Congressman Chris Van Hollen:

But I guess turnabout is fair play, because it is apparently the case that anyone who lives in the state of Maryland can run for the 6th Congressional District seat --- I repeat, any Maryland resident can run (hint, hint!).

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