Wednesday, July 17, 2013

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Delegate Heather Mizeur Talks About Her Priorities for Maryland Governor & Respect for Senator Mikulski

Late last night, Maryland Juice reported that Delegate Heather Mizeur is announcing a 2014 run for Governor today. We thought that would make this a good time to release an exclusive interview we conducted with Mizeur last September. In the quick video below, our 2012 Democratic Convention correspondent Jed Millard captured Mizeur's thoughts on what her priority would be as Governor and who she takes inspiration from in her work. Note that the video was shot last September, so this piece is from the Maryland Juice vault:

Delegate Heather Mizeur also launched the following email blast this morning outlining some of her reasons for running (excerpt below):
HEATHER MIZEUR: Today I’m announcing that I’m all in. I’m running for governor because I love this state and I see limitless possibilities on what we can accomplish together to create good, well paying jobs, improve our schools, protect our environment, promote our health, and create safe and thriving neighborhoods in every community across Maryland.

There are great challenges facing us, and also incredible opportunities. I know that the solution at every turn is found by working together. I want to see Maryland live up to its full potential rather than settling for “good enough.” We are one community, and we need to start talking and interacting and working together like we understand that in our core.

It’s time to fundamentally change the way we do business, the way we govern. And that starts with a different kind of candidate, running a different sort of campaign.... 

Over the weeks and months ahead, we hope to see you at service projects around the state – repairing schools and playgrounds, restoring nature preserves, working with children and cleaning up our neighborhoods. We’re running this campaign out in communities across Maryland – not just giving speeches or holding rallies, but working side-by-side with our neighbors to make Maryland stronger. I’ve been warned that this will take too much time, draw too little press, keep me from fundraising full-time. But I believe that the best way to help Maryland is to lift up our communities and get our hands dirty. That starts on the campaign trail....

Public service is an opportunity for ordinary people to do extraordinary things – making our communities better every day through a commitment to build; to lift up; to collaborate.

I know that many Marylanders are ready to join a movement that strengthens this great state—one that honors the work that has been done, and recognizes the challenges ahead. I believe that by rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work in every corner of our state, learning about the challenges and struggles but also the opportunities all around Maryland, and how our communities are solving their problems – I can start a conversation about how we all come together. We can ensure that Maryland never settles for less than we deserve as a community and as a state....

Let’s get to work!



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