Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Montgomery County Teachers Union Selects New Political Director // Meet MCEA's New Advocate Barbara Hueter

Last May, Center Maryland columnist Josh Kurtz wrote that the Montgomery County teachers union's long-time political director Jon Gerson was shifting out of his role managing the labor organization's political endorsements (excerpt below):
CENTER MARYLAND: A major power in Montgomery County politics is stepping aside this campaign season. Jon Gerson, the longtime – and controversial – political director of the county teachers’ union is no longer serving in that capacity. While he remains employed by the union, serving on its School Assistance Team, focusing on new teachers, he will no longer be part of the political operation.

In an email Thursday to Center Maryland, Tom Israel, the executive director of the 12,000-member Montgomery County Education Association, said Gerson’s reassignment is part of a broad staff reorganization, prompted in part by the departure of two veteran staff members....

In an interview Thursday, Gerson – who, like most of his colleagues at the union, wears many hats – said he sought the change because he had grown tired of the “transactional relationships” in politics and was deriving more satisfaction from working with teachers.... “It’s somebody else’s turn,” he said....
But a Maryland Juice source within MCEA informed us today that as of August 15th, MCEA has selected Barbara Hueter to serve as their new political director. Heuter formerly served as Co-Chair of MCEA's Political Action & Legislative Support Committee and previously worked as a social studies teacher at BCC High School. She will now be serving half-time as the union's political director through the 2014 election cycle:

Photo Source: The Warrior Online

Congratulations and good luck to Barbara Hueter!

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