Sunday, September 8, 2013

Strange Flyer from Montgomery "County Executive Doug Duncan" & Deceased Fire Chief at Silver Spring Apartments

A Maryland Juice reader sent us photos of a strange doorhanger/flyer that was distributed to residents of their Silver Spring apartment building this weekend. The literature shown below purports to be from "County Executive Doug Duncan" and "Fire Chief Tom Carr," reminding residents to change the batteries in their smoke alarms as they reset clocks for daylight savings time changes.

What's strange about this public service announcement is that Montgomery County's Executive is Ike Leggett, not Doug Duncan, and Fire Chief Tom Carr passed away last April. The next time change to our clocks is not scheduled until Sunday, November 3rd. Moreover, the "Safety In Our Neighborhood" program referenced in the flyer is a program of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service. To be sure, Doug Duncan is again running for Montgomery County Executive, but who is distributing this flyer???

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