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IT'S OFFICIAL: Doug Gansler Names Del. Jolene Ivey of Prince George's Choice for Lt. Governor // Anthony Brown Responds

Maryland Juice just received the following email from Attorney General Doug Gansler announcing Delegate Jolene Ivey (Prince George's Democrat) as his running mate for the June 2014 gubernatorial primaries, along with a press release from the rival campaign of Anthony Brown, noting policy disagreements between Ivey and Gansler and issues ranging from the death penalty, gas tax, wind energy, budgets and more:

Doug Gansler

I am pleased to announce that two-term Maryland Delegate and Prince George’s County Delegation Chair Jolene Ivey has joined my ticket as Lieutenant Governor in my campaign to become governor of Maryland.

As a mother, volunteer, broadcast journalist, and delegate, Jolene Ivey has been a voice for women, families, and other Marylanders in need of an advocate. Her legislative record is one filled with determined efforts to pass legislation that protects families, children, and small businesses.

As Maryland’s next Lieutenant Governor she will be a true partner in moving this state ahead, leading a portfolio that will include efforts related to education, transportation, and family issues.

The mother of five boys, Jolene Ivey knows the importance of character, values, devotion, and commitment.

The daughter of a Buffalo Soldier in World War II and the Korean War, Jolene has inherited from an optimistic belief that big challenges can be taken on, not with flash and fake promises, but by doing what her parents did: rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

This Lt. Governor understands in her heart and in her soul what it means to stand for human dignity and fairness – and she will take on discrimination and bias and hate and sexism and homophobia in all its forms.

Jolene is dedicated to representing those who need a voice in government and is ready to lead for each and every Marylander. Like me, Jolene is Maryland Proud and together we will Build our Best Maryland.



The Anthony Brown-Ken Ulman campaign responded with the following press release highlighting disagreements between Doug Gansler and Jolene Ivey on several policy issues:


Doug Gansler versus his running mate

Del. Jolene Ivey, Gansler’s choice for his running mate, has taken the opposite position of Gansler on numerous major issues

Upper Marlboro, MD: The Brown campaign releases the following statement from campaign manager Justin Schall regarding the selection of Del. Jolene Ivey as Doug Gansler’s running mate:

"We are hopeful that Delegate Ivey, who has consistently voted for the O’Malley-Brown administration's initiatives to strengthen our schools and the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act, can explain to the Attorney General why his views are wrong on these important issues and why a $1.6 billion corporate tax giveaway will hurt middle-class families."

Below is a roundup of numerous major issues in which Del. Ivey has opposed Doug Gansler:

Delegate Jolene Ivey                   Attorney General Doug Gansler
On Tough Decisions to Balance Budgets

Ivey voted in favor of Governor O’Malley’s budget bills seven times, or every year she and the Governor have been in office.[1]

Gansler: “But in terms of the governor, you know, the taxes have been rough, 40 consecutive tax increases. I think that there is a breaking point for people.” [2]
On the Corporate Tax Rate

Ivey voted in support of the Tax Reform Act of 2007, which raised the corporate income tax rate from 7 percent to 8.25 percent and raised taxes on the state’s top income earners.[3] [4]

In August Gansler called for the state to lower the corporate income tax, saying, “We have to lower our corporate tax from 8.25 to 6 percent to match Virginia's.”[5]

As the Washington Post noted,
“Nonpartisan analysts have projected that similar plans introduced in recent years in the Maryland General Assembly would have cost the state more than $300 million a year in lost revenue.”[6]

Overall, non-partisan state legislative analysts project the decrease would cost the state $1.68 billion over the next five years.[7]
On the Gas Tax

Ivey voted in support of the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013, also known as the “gas tax.”[8]

Gas Tax Effects on the Poor
"I would like to speak for the poor people in my district and in my county who are going to have expanded transit. Who are going to be able to get on a bus where no bus has been before, and won't be unless we pass this bill."[9]

In April 2013, Gansler called the gas tax increase “unfortunate” during an interview with BayNet, arguing that the tax disproportionately affects poor Marylanders.[10]

Gansler: “The most recent being the gas tax, which I think is regressive and hurts poor people and working people.” [11]
On Abolishing the Death Penalty

In March 2013, Ivey served as a co-sponsor of Governor O’Malley’s efforts to repeal the death penalty in Maryland.[12]

Ivey also tweeted out her support for the passage of the bill Gansler opposed.
Inline image 1

In February, Gansler reiterated his support for the death penalty on the Kojo Nnamdi Show, saying “As a prosecutor, it's a wonderful tool to have.”[13]

In 2009 Gansler wrote an op/ed claiming “the notion that our death penalty system in Maryland is discriminatory toward minorities is misguided…I remain convinced that we need the death penalty for use in appropriate cases.”[14]

On Wind Energy

In 2013, Ivey served as a co-sponsor of the Maryland Off-Shore Wind Energy Act.[15]

In an April 2013 interview with The Baynet, Gansler noted concerns he had about windmills, saying he would like the state to emphasize providing assistance to farmers to protect the bay from agricultural runoff, instead of on wind power, while also saying he was concerned about wind turbines’ effect on the Navy.[16]

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