Friday, November 1, 2013

HOLY MOLY: Delegate Sam Arora Has Decided to Throw In the Towel // Anti-Marriage Equality Lawmaker Retiring After 2014

UPDATE: Sam Arora told The Washington Post's John Wagner last night that "electability did not factor heavily" into his retirement decision. Meanwhile, The Washington Blade reminded readers that "the Montgomery County Democrat’s subsequent vote against the measure that Gov. Martin O’Malley signed into law in 2012 sparked outrage among LGBT rights advocates–and prompted his then-legislative director to resign." America Blog also weighed in on the retirement decision, noting that "Arora never was able to explain the bizarre flip-flop, and later tried to deny that he’d flip-flopped at all.... Arora was expected to see some strong challengers, and strong opposition, in next June’s Democratic primary for his seat."

Maryland Juice just received a forwarded email blast from Delegate Sam Arora announcing he is retiring from office after he completes his term in 2014. Arora has been under sustained criticism for pledging to support marriage equality and then voting against it in the House of Delegates (without explanation). You can see an excerpt from his blast below:
SAM ARORA: My 2014 Plans - I have heard from so many supporters in recent months, and I am grateful for their overwhelming encouragement urging me to continue serving District 19. As I listened, I also weighed the caliber of effort I expect of myself when representing our community in the General Assembly, the demands of helping to lead a rapidly expanding family business in a challenging economy, and how to care for my family well during this season of life.

When my term of office concludes in January 2015, I plan to return full time to my work in the private sector. Fighting for you in the House of Delegates is an extraordinarily rewarding experience, and I am honored anew each day by the opportunity to serve you. After my term, I look forward to continuing to advocate for working families, job growth, and better government as a private citizen.

I am proud of what we have accomplished together so far, including streamlining the mortgage refinance process to protect thousands of homeowners from foreclosure; enacting a provision I authored to close a special interest tax loophole that was siphoning tens of millions of dollars from our state; safeguarding Marylanders from financial abuse; protecting our first responders; and cracking down on illegally trafficked guns. In addition, we brought millions of dollars back to District 19 in needed capital investments.

And I look forward to working for you in Annapolis during the 2014 session, when I plan to continue focusing on creating jobs, strengthening our small business climate, protecting vulnerable populations, and finding creative solutions to our community’s enduring challenges.As always, I continue to post frequent updates on Twitter and Facebook and invite you to connect with me online (or email or call me anytime).

A weakened Sam Arora was already drawing potential challengers into the June 2014 Democratic Primary in District 19. But now that there is a guaranteed open seat, I expect strong interest for Arora's seat. More on that soon!

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