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JUICE: Ulman & Mizeur Can Fundraise During Session, State Cops for Brown, LCV for Frosh, and D15 & D11 Delegate Updates

Below Maryland Juice provides a round-up of recent news of interest to politicos:

JUICE #1: GANSLER-IVEY PROHIBITED FROM FUNDRAISING DURING SESSION, WHILE ULMAN & MIZEUR-COATES MAY PROCEED - Yesterday the Maryland Board of Elections issued an opinion clearing the way for Lt. Governor candidate Ken Ulman to continue raising money during the coming legislative session. Ordinarily, state officeholders cannot fundraise during a legislative session, but given that both Anthony Brown has chosen a running mate who does not serve in a state office. Meanwhile, Attorney General Doug Gansler and Delegate Jolene Ivey will have their hands tied for fundraising between January 2014 and the end of the legislative session in April. The Washington Post reported on the development yesterday (excerpt below):
WASHINGTON POST: The Maryland State Board of Elections ruled Thursday that the running mate of Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Anthony G. Brown can continue raising money during the coming legislative session even though Brown himself is prohibited by law from doing so.

The decision was immediately criticized by Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler, another Democratic candidate for governor, who said he expects that a court will decide the elections board misinterpreted a law that is “crystal clear.”

Maryland law prohibits statewide officeholders — including Gansler and Brown, the state’s lieutenant governor — from raising money during the 90-day session, which starts Jan. 8. Members of the state legislature also may not raise money during the session, which means that Gansler’s running mate, Del. Jolene Ivey (Prince George’s), is subject to the ban as well.

There is no explicit prohibition that covers Howard County Executive Ken Ulman (D), Brown’s pick for lieutenant governor....
According to The Baltimore Sun, the ruling does not apply to Heather Mizeur's campaign, as she was already able to raise small funds during session (excerpt below):
BALTIMORE SUN:  The ruling doesn't apply to Brown and Ulman's political rivals for the Democratic nomination. Del. Heather Mizeur of Montgomery County filed this week to accept public financing for her campaign, a move that allows her to accept low-dollar donations throughout the election cycle even though she is a state official.
Below you can read a series of press releases from Doug Gansler and Common Cause Maryland criticizing the ruling, followed by the full BOE memo. Here is Gansler's first press release, which was sent shortly after release of the BOE's decision yesterday:

Gansler/Ivey Campaign Statement on Maryland State Board of Elections Decision

Silver Spring, MARYLAND — The Doug Gansler/Jolene Ivey gubernatorial campaign today released the following statement from Communications Director Bob Wheelock in response to guidance issued by the Maryland State Board of Elections about prohibited fundraising activities during legislative session:

"Lt. Governor Brown and County Executive Ulman are on the same statewide ticket together. It's one campaign; you can't draw a line down the middle. We fully expect the courts will decide this is prohibited -- but regardless, it's clearly unethical for one member of a ticket to continue raising money when the other member is barred from doing so. This does not even come close to passing the voter smell test."
The Gansler campaign followed up on the press release above with another one today:

Gansler to Candidates: Stand Up to Special Interests, Say No to Fundraising During Session

Silver Spring, MARYLAND — Today, gubernatorial candidate Douglas Gansler responded to yesterday's State Board of Elections decision by calling on all gubernatorial candidates barred from fundraising during the upcoming legislative session to agree to prohibit their running mates from raising money during session.

"Running for governor and, ultimately, being governor, means you must take a stand for what's right. Accepting money from powerful special interests during legislative session is not only illegal, it is unethical. Do not ask your running mate to do what you are barred from doing," said Gansler. "Either you open the door to special interests, or you keep it closed. Which is it? The voters of Maryland are waiting for your response."
Common Cause Maryland also weighed in on the BOE memo with the following press release:

Common Cause Concerned Over Fundraising During Session
Calls on candidates to voluntarily limit activities

(Annapolis) – Common Cause Maryland expressed concern over today’s guidance by the State Board of Elections that allows candidates for Governor or Lieutenant Governor to continue to fundraise during the legislative session even if one candidate is a state-level elected official if the other is not.

“This guidance allows some elected officials to skirt critical ethics reforms intended to limit the corrupting influence of fundraising during the 90 day legislative session,” said Jennifer Bevan-Dangel, Executive Director of Common Cause Maryland.

“The decision rests on the assumption that one candidate can engage in fundraising without coordinating those activities with the other candidate. But corruption can occur even without coordination,” Bevan-Dangel explained.

For example, the minimum wage is widely anticipated to be a critical issue in the coming session. If a large corporate employer makes a significant donation to County Executive Craig or Ulman, and the County Executive later expresses to their running mate their concern over provisions of the minimum wage bill, there never needs to be a conversation over the specific fundraising activities or campaign expenditures. The donation has had the effect of impacting legislative decisions – the very reason fundraising is prohibited during session.

Common Cause Maryland called on the candidates raising money to consider voluntary limitations on their activities.  Candidates running on a slate with a state-level official should consider:
  • Prohibiting fundraising during session;
  • Restricting their fundraising to low-dollar donations only;
  • Enacting clear firewalls within the campaign so that neither candidate knows what individuals or entities are donating money during the legislative session.
# # #
You can read the full Board of Elections decision below:

JUICE #2: ANTHONY BROWN WINS ENDORSEMENT OF STATE POLICE UNION - Maryland Juice received the press release below from the Brown-Ulman campaign announcing the endorsement of a state police union:

Anthony Brown and Ken Ulman endorsed by Maryland State Police Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 69

Organization cites Brown’s commitment to public safety and record of results in reducing crime and domestic violence

UPPER MARLBORO, MD - Today, the Maryland State Police Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 69 endorsed Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown and County Executive Ken Ulman in their race for Governor and Lt. Governor. The organizations cited Brown’s long-running commitment to public safety, his work fighting for Maryland’s middle class families, and his distinguished military service in Iraq as key to their backing.

Brown has been a leader in helping to reduce crime and domestic violence. Since 2006, violent crime in Maryland has decreased by 26.3 percent, to the lowest levels since 1975. Additionally, with Lt. Governor Brown leading legislative efforts to reduce domestic violence, the State has experienced a nearly 20% decrease in domestic-violence related assaults and a 15.3% reduction in domestic-violence related homicides.

“Maryland’s dedicated and selfless state troopers put their lives on the line every day to keep Maryland families safe, and I’m honored to have their support,” said Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown. “I’m committed to partnering with our public safety professionals to make sure they have the tools and training they need to continue doing their jobs protecting the public. That commitment will never waver throughout my tenure as Governor.”

“The courage and commitment of our state troopers is a shining example what makes Maryland great, and Anthony Brown and I are thrilled to have their support,” said County Executive Ken Ulman. “Anthony has a long record of results in supporting Maryland police and reducing domestic violence and, together, we’ll make Maryland the safest state in the nation.”

“Anthony Brown and Ken Ulman have strong records of fighting for Maryland’s public safety officers and we’re proud to back them as the best team to build a better Maryland,” said Drew Liberto, President of Maryland State Police Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 69. “Anthony’s forceful leadership has helped us reduce violent crime in Maryland to the lowest levels since 1975, and he's led the way in passing real reforms that have reduced domestic violence assaults by 20%. Anthony's commitment to fighting for middle class families is exactly what we need in our next Governor. We’re excited to join the Brown-Ulman team.”

The Maryland State Police Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 69 was founded in 1967 and represents 499 active and associate members throughout Maryland. The organization advocates on behalf of member police officers and their families, and will mobilize to generate grassroots support for Anthony Brown and Ken Ulman in their race for Governor and Lt. Governor.

To view an updated list of all of Anthony Brown’s endorsements, click here.


JUICE #3: MARYLAND LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS ENDORSES BRIAN FROSH FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL - Maryland Juice received the following press release announcing that the environmentalists at the League of Conservation Voters have endorsed Brian Frosh for Attorney General:
Maryland League of Conservation Voters Endorses Brian Frosh for Maryland Attorney General 
 “Long Time Environmental Champion” Endorsement is Environmental, Political Group’s First for 2014 Elections

(Annapolis, MD) – The Maryland League of Conservation Voters endorsed state Senator Brian Frosh (District 16, Montgomery County) for Maryland Attorney General on Friday. Citing Senator Frosh’s legislative record, the group said it is excited to back a “long-time environmental champion” as its first endorsement for the 2014 election cycle. 

“Marylanders have counted on Senator Frosh to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and local waterways, fight climate change, make our air safer to breathe, reduce trash and toxic pollution and conserve open spaces,” said Maryland League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Karla Raettig. “Attorney General Frosh will bring that same dedication and passion to protect all Maryland families.” 

“Brian has been a tireless voice for our land, air and water – including the Chesapeake Bay,” said Governor Parris Glendening (1995-2003). “He’s also one of the hardest working public servants I know, and I am so excited for him to be our next Attorney General.”

Senator Frosh earned a 100 percent score on the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) 2013 legislative scorecard and has a 99 percent lifetime score. In recognition of his environmental record, Frosh received Maryland LCV’s John V. Kabler Memorial Award in 2003.

“The Attorney General plays an enormous role in defending and enforcing our environmental laws,” said Maryland LCV Board of Directors Chair Tony Caliguiri. “Electing a 100-percent green champion to this important office will help protect Maryland’s valuable natural resources and public health.” 

First elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1987 and to the Senate in 1995, Senator Frosh has established himself as a leading environmental voice. His accomplishments include:
  • establishing the state’s recycling program
  • enacting a law to prohibit oil and gas drilling in the Chesapeake Bay
  • ensuring shoreline protections for Maryland’s Coastal Bays
  • passing nutrient pollution regulations
  • advancing Maryland’s acclaimed Smart Growth program
  • championing the Brownfields Revitalization Program
  • promoting energy conservation
  • Frosh chairs the Judicial Proceedings Committee and chaired the Senate's Environmental Subcommittee from 1995 to 2003. He also serves on the multi-state Chesapeake Bay Commission, which he chaired in 2001.
Before each state election, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Board of Directors and staff evaluate questionnaires and conduct interviews with dozens of candidates for state-wide office, including Comptroller, Attorney General, and Governor as well candidates as for the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate.

In the 2014 elections, Maryland LCV will once again campaign to elect pro-conservation candidates. The organization will release endorsements in the coming weeks and months.

JUICE #4: MOCO ATTORNEY BENNETT RUSHKOFF GEARS UP TO TAKE ON DEL. DAVID FRASER-HIDALGO IN DISTRICT 15 - A couple Maryland Juice sources have recently provided us with details indicating that challenger Bennett Rushkoff is gearing up for a serious challenge to newly appointed District 15 Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo. Here are two bits of news we've recently heard from more than one source:
  1. Ruskhoff is expected to be able to self-finance at least $100,000 in the District 15 Delegate contest, while David Fraser-Hidalgo will be prohibited from fundraising once the legislative session begins in January.
  2. Ruskhoff has hired Feldman Strategies the firm of former Delaney campaign aide and confidant Andrew Feldman.
We'll be keeping a close eye on this race as it develops!

JUICE #5: DISTRICT 11 DELEGATE CANDIDATE SHELLY HETTLEMAN NETS ENDORSEMENTS FROM US SENATOR BEN CARDIN & REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS - Maryland Juice received the following press release from Democrat Shelly Hettleman, who is running for the D11 Delegate seat being vacated by Attorney General candidate Jon Cardin. Hettleman was formerly a campaign aide for Senator Ben Cardin, and she confirms that the Senator has endorsed her campaign. The press release below announces the endorsement of Congressman Elijah Cummings:

Congressman Elijah Cummings Endorses Shelly Hettleman for 11th District House of Delegates

On Thursday, December 19, Congressman Elijah Cummings endorsed Shelly Hettleman, former Campaign Director for Senator Ben Cardin in her House of Delegates run for the open seat in the 11th district of Baltimore County.  “Shelly has an incredible commitment to public service and is a hard worker.  We need someone with her character and compassion in Annapolis fighting for Baltimore County residents.  As a former delegate in the Maryland General Assembly, I know how important team work is to get things done and believe Shelly is ready to jump right in to work for Baltimore County.”  The 11th legislative district includes parts of the 7th congressional district that Rep. Cummings represents. There is an open seat in the 11th District as Del. Jon Cardin has declared a run for Attorney General.

Ms. Hettleman is committed to public service.  She has worked in numerous community programs, including advocacy groups for parents and abused women. She served as Sen. Cardin’s Campaign Director and as one of the leaders of the 2012 Maryland Democratic Coordinated Campaign, she co-led the re-election campaign of the entire Maryland Democratic congressional delegation.

Shelly has the skills, work ethic, and vision to be an effective legislator. “It’s not about flashy promises,” Ms. Hettleman says, “To get things done, it takes hard work and being in close touch with the needs of children, families and seniors.”

Senator Ben Cardin, Senator Paul Sarbanes and Congressman John Sarbanes joined over 250 Marylanders to attend Ms. Hettleman’s Campaign Kick-Off this past Sunday in Pikesville.  At the Kick-Off, Ms. Hettleman outlined some of her legislative priorities, among them: better public schools and early childhood education, more and better jobs, a fuller range of services for seniors, protecting the environment, and a series of steps to ensure robust citizen and neighborhood involvement.

If elected, Ms. Hettleman would be the first woman to represent the 11th in nearly 30 years.

A graduate of Pikesville High School, Shelly Hettleman and her husband Jeff raised their son and daughter in the Dumbarton community.  In addition to her work with Senator Ben Cardin, she helped found CHANA, an aid network for abused women in the Baltimore region and Parent Action, a grassroots organization dedicated to strengthening early childhood education and family friendly workplaces.


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