Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comptroller's Race Making News

Del. Kumar Barve's early confirmation of his entry into the Comptroller's race has kicked off the next round of Comptroller 2014 coverage. Our take on the race is here, but here's what others are saying.

From today's Rockville Patch:
Candidates for statewide office “have to decide sooner rather than later” that they are going to run, Barve said in a telephone interview with Rockville Patch on Monday.

He said he “loves” his current post as House Majority Leader—a post he has held since 2003, but added: “In politics you have to quit [the office you hold] to run for another office.”

Barve is chief financial officer for Rockville-based Environmental Management Services, Inc. His experience in government procurement, accounting and management would make him “a very good fit” for comptroller, he said.

“The comptroller’s position is the elected chief financial officer of the state,” he said, adding that he’d use the comptroller's office to identify ways to run the government more efficiently.
The Kumar story also picked up mentions on Maryland Politics Watch, Maryland Reporter, and Center Maryland. Is Mr. Barve bringing sexy back in the Comptroller's race or are people hungry for local political news?

Next up, the Governor's race, and then maybe some discussion of the coming leadership dynamics in Annapolis.

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