Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inside Baseball: Foreshadowing Maryland Redistricting

UPDATE: In the comments, an attendee notes that "at the event there was definitely mention of a possible Congressional run for Sen. Garagiola..." We're not crazy after all!

Maybe this is too "inside baseball," but I couldn't help chuckling at the email blast I just received (see excerpt below). The Young Dems of Maryland (YDM) held their annual fundraiser this past weekend at Delegate Bill Frick's home in Montgomery County. As the organizers indicated, notable guests included likely gubernatorial candidates Attorney General Doug Gansler, Comptroller Peter Franchot, and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown. We will likely be seeing much more of these three in coming months.

YDM, however, also noted the attendance of State Senator Rob Garagiola. Why is this noteworthy? Well, for one, it appears he cut the largest check of all the sponsors. State Senators are not in the business of bankrolling party events years in advance of their re-election -- unless they are seeking higher office.

What makes this email amusing though, is that the second biggest check of the night came from U.S. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. As we will explain in a future article, these two men are currently in a delicate duel over Maryland's Congressional redistricting plan. Sorry to be so cryptic, but if you're not already following this story, I don't want to give all the details away. Stay tuned!

Thanks to the generous sponsors of our 3rd Annual Blue State Bash!

Underwriter ~ The O'Malley Circle 
Senator Rob Garagiola, Majority Leader

Sponsor ~ The Glendening Circle
Congressman Steny Hoyer, Democratic Whip
AFSCME Council 67

Supporters ~ Schaefer Circle
Senate President Thomas V. "Mike" Miller
Speaker Michael Busch
Senator James "Ed" DeGrange 
Delegate Dereck Davis
Delegate Benjamin Kramer
Delegate Adrienne Jones
Delegate Kirill Reznik 
Mark Stover

Friends ~ Hughes Circle   
Senator Nancy King
Senator Catherine Pugh
Delegate Sam Arora
Delegate Pamela Beidle
Delegate Luke Clippinger
Delegate Melony Griffith
Delegate Tom Hucker
Delegate Anne Kaiser
Delegate Ariana Kelly
Delegate Steve Lafferty
Delegate Eric Luedtke
Delegate Aruna Miller
Councilmember Hans Riemer
Delegate Craig Zucker
Ashlie Bagwell
Tashea Brodgins
Michele Carpenter
Chris Coppola
Michael Corbett
Melissa Smith & Trey Evans
Sarah Holstine    
Barbara Henderson
Marc and Rebecca Korman
Rev. Joseph Kitchen
Burke Miller
Melanie Miller
Terrill and Bernice North
Tyler C. Patton
Hannah Powers
Erin E. Schurmann

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  1. First, thanks for the shout out once again for YDM!

    Second, at the event there was definitely mention of a possible Congressional run for Sen. Garagiola...