Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Montgomery Liberals Protest Chevy Chase Women's Republican Club

Last week, we reported on the controversial choice of speaker for an upcoming Chevy Chase Women's Republican Club meeting. The GOP group invited former Congressman and WMAL radio personality, Fred Grandy, to speak at their next meeting. As we noted earlier, Grandy was forced off the air and has had recent speaking invitations revoked over complaints about his show becoming increasingly anti-muslim.

The Chevy Chase Patch now reports that former Delegate Saqib Ali is calling on the GOP group to cancel the event:
"Clearly, Republicans are too embarrassed to expose it to public scrutiny," Ali wrote in an email....
"If I'm unsuccessful at this effort [to get the event canceled]," Ali said, "I will certainly be there with picketers. ... I will not let Montgomery County become a home for hate."
Mark Uncapher, Chair of the Montgomery GOP responded:
"complaining that a program on 'Islamic extremism' is an attack on all of Islam makes the same mistake critics unfairly accuse Fred Grandy of...."
Maybe so, but I don't think that's quite the argument being made. More importantly, when placing Ali's views in context with the national GOP's extremist evolution, his position doesn't seem unfair to me at all. Come on people, is fear of Sharia law creeping into the U.S. a legitimate policy fear? Seems like Grandy and his ilk are just fear-mongering to me, but more on Maryland GOP extremism soon.

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