Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Presidential Foreshadowing: Martin O'Malley 2016?

File this one in the "my spider-sense is going off" category -- but I just received the email below and started scratching my head. Governor Martin O'Malley often sends me newsletters and emails touting jobs programs, education, environmental projects, transportation funding and other state and domestic matters.

That's why I found it strange to see the Governor highlighting Somalian hunger and quoting the Talmud. Given that someone else contacted me within seconds of receiving this email, I'm not the only one. Is this an effort to build some foreign policy aura (read: a clear sign of O'Malley's interest in a 2016 White House bid)?

Office of the Governor
August 17, 2011

A Message from Governor O'Malley

Dear Friend,

Every day, we continue to see horrific images and countless stories of the pain and suffering in Somalia. But they aren’t just stories. In just the past three months alone, 29,000 children under the age of five have died from starvation. 
The Somali drought and famine have forced mothers with scarce resources to choose which child will live, fathers to leave their sick children to die on the streets and babies to enter a world with no hope for survival.   

But we can all help. 

As Jill Biden and Bill Frist explain in an op-ed, “As governments and international organizations do their part, the rest of us can do ours. Just a few dollars can literally save a life. (Go to to see how you can help.)” 

I’ve already donated through USAID and I hope you’ll consider sending whatever aid you can. The situation is dire.   

In our state, we believe that there is no such thing as a spare Marylander, American or human being.  Everyone can make a difference, and each of us must try. 

I hope you’ll join me and send whatever aid you can to help these people in great need.

As the Talmud says, “If you save one life, it's as if you have saved the world.”


Martin O’Malley
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