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District 20 Melee: 15 New Candidates for Delegate in 2014 // Plus, Raskin for AG & Mizeur for [INSERT GUESS HERE]

CANDIDATE CORRECTIONS: Reuben Snipper called the idea of his candidacy "very funny" and thanked Maryland Juice "for the laughs." Tim Male also wrote in a denial: "I'm focused on the TP City Council, my day job and two kids."

UPDATE:  A person who claims to have been involved in the verification of the candidates in the list below, has offered up the following updates: "Terrell North for Council, not Delegate. I crossed off Josh Wright when he retired, and I would remove Tim Male who I'm positive is not thinking about running for state office." Yet another reader commented that Del. Hixson might retire and also questioned the source's redistricting notes below. Amazingly, they concluded by noting that I was still missing more candidates!

I sometimes have to remind myself that we are still over 2+ years away from the 2014 primaries. That's because Maryland Juice has already been covering an unusual amount of 2014 races (ie: Governor, Comptroller, Montgomery Executive, MoCo Council 5, etc). But today's politico rumor really outdoes the rest.

An anonymous source has leaked a list of fifteen new candidates for District 20 Delegate. All are Democrats who are eyeing the June 2014 Primary, and our source is claiming that each candidate's interest has been verified directly. District 20 currently includes parts of downtown Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and territories north to Springbrook High School. Not all of these folks will end up running, but for now, here is the crazy long D20 candidate list:
  1. Vanessa Atterberry - (being redistricted into D20?) - Former Delegate candidate (D18 2010).
  2. Chris Barclay - Board of Education President. Purple Line Now Board member. 
  3. Dana Beyer - (being redistricted into D16, thinking of moving to D20?) - Former Delegate candidate (D18 2010). 
  4. Evan Glass - South Silver Spring Neighborhood Association. Also, on the Silver Spring Citizen Advisory board.
  5. Barbara Henderson - Montgomery County Young Democrats President.
  6. Tim Male - Public Policy VP @ Defenders of Wildlife, Takoma Park City Council Candidate.
  7. Terrell North - Lobbyist.
  8. Will Smith (William Colonel Smith Jr.) - Attorney. Nearing Appointment as Director of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Raised/spent 15k out of state on aborted candidacy in 2010.
  9. Reuben Snipper - Takoma Park City Councilmember, Purple Line Now Board member.
  10. Saschane Stephenson - President, African American Democratic Club of Montgomery County.
  11. Chris Stoughton - Consultant.
  12. Darian Unger - Vice Chair, Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board.
  13. Karla Walker - Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee member. Attorney. Works at Library of Congress. 
  14. Janet Williams - Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee member.
  15. Josh Wright - Retiring Takoma Park Councilmember.
Bear in mind, that District 20 is currently ably represented by Sen. Jamie Raskin, and Delegates Sheila Hixson, Tom Hucker and Heather Mizeur. So why would fifteen people start lining up to replace these incumbents? The answer is that there are simply too many scenarios in which there will be an open seat (or more) in 2014. Here is a very quick rundown....

Roots of the Melee

Senator Jamie Raskin has been widely rumored to be weighing a run for Attorney General. In the meantime, many people thought Delegates Tom Hucker and Heather Mizeur were therefore jockeying for the State Senate seat, while Delegate Sheila Hixson would stay put as the Chair of a powerful committee. While that may still be true for Del. Hixson, Heather Mizeur appears to be eyeing a bigger target. A few sources have noted that she has been in extended fundraising mode, with events featuring Melissa Ethridge or U.S. Senator John Kerry. Most rumors involve Comptroller or a Congressional bid (potentially into a newly created CD6). With a vacant seat, Del. Hucker (and maybe even Hixson?) might take a look at the Senate seat.

It is this configuration of rumors (and probably a few more), that is causing numerous District 20 politicos to line up for Delegate, over 2 years in advance of the primary. Is this a function of life inside the Beltway?

Disclosure: I worked on Sen. Raskin's 2006 primary race. Also, if any of the listed candidates would like to correct the record, please contact or comment below.

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  1. David, just wanted to add that Terrill North is also involved in Progressive Neighbors, the ACLU of Maryland, and is a board member of IMPACT Silver Spring.