Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update on Fred Grandy "Creeping Sharia" Tour in MD // VIDEO: Sen. Raskin, Democrats Sound Off

UPDATE: The Chevy Chase Patch has coverage of the MCCRC Creeping Sharia event this weekend. In the article, Maryland Juice's first source outs herself. Also, a new resident has published an op-ed in the Patch complaining about County Executive Ike Leggett's signing of a letter complaining about Fred Grandy.

For a few weeks, Maryland Juice has followed the spectacle of former Congressman Fred Grandy's anti-Sharia law speaking tour. The circus landed in Chevy Chase last weekend, so Montgomery Democrats pushed backed on the propaganda with a counter-event to cut through the fear-mongering. The Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition (MCCRC) hosted the event with former Delegate Saqib Ali. They also took photos and video footage of their event: Is Creeping Shariah’ a Real Threat or a Trumped Up Scare Tactic? We provide some highlights below, but please check out the full archive:

Reflection Time: Maryland Juice would also like to pause and ask:  Are we really debating whether or not there is a risk of Sharia law creeping into America? Indeed, in the midst of -- two wars, a housing market collapse, class warfare waged by billionaires, record unemployment, and a simple crisis of confidence among ordinary Americans -- the Chevy Chase Republican Women's Club chose to book a speaker whose favorite topic is to flag the employment of Muslims in our government.... and *pssst* you should be scared of them!

This is how Republicans govern, because it is much easier to ignore technocratic policymaking when you can simply point to a new scary threat. Break out the pitchforks, because there's someone new that wants to hurt us (*cough* -- I'm looking in your direction, MoCo curfew). Well thankfully, some Democrats have not been seduced by the GOP's Sharia-logic, nor the flimsy First Amendment argument. To be sure, I am a civil libertarian and my first internship was at the ACLU. That's why I appreciated this video of Maryland Senator Jamie Raskin (a law professor), where he points out the flimsiness of the Sharia law fears (the speech begins at 1:42):

You can see more videos and photos from the event at: the MCCRC Website.

Forum video directory in order of appearance:
P.S. This isn't the last of the craziness! Mr. Grandy will be speaking at a "Creeping Sharia" panel in Annapolis 10/29, with an arguably crazier set of co-panelists!

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  1. Senator Raskin was a huge hit at this event. I was so thrilled he headlined it. In this video you can see he thoroughly dismantles the need for so-called anti-Sharia legislation.

    Also, catch this video of Corey Saylor from CAIR: You can see how he further exposes hatemongers like Fred Grandy and explains what's motivating them.

    We gave Grandy the opportunity to be present in this public forum, but he didn't attend.