Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maryland Juice Benchmark: 25,000 Pageviews // Plus, Tea Party vs. Juice Party

Maryland Juice launched with a preview on August 11th, and in seven weeks we hit a benchmark: 25,000 pageviews and growing. These days, a week generates roughly 2,000 or more visits, accounting for 4,500+ pageviews. Sample stats below:

Decent growth in 7 weeks, eh?  Also, follow us on Twitter & like us on Facebook

But only one thing is more gratifying than Marylanders juicing (see the image below):

Maryland Juice appreciates the plug (and the polite note) from our Tea Party readers -- even if you're here to gather intel.  :)    Now let's get to debating the big issues, before next year's Presidential showdown. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Maryland Juice's email list. We'll send you real-time email alerts notifying you of new content. 

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