Monday, October 3, 2011

BREAKING: Maryland Redistricting Commission to Announce 7-1 Congressional Map Tomorrow

UPDATE: A source with knowledge of the final maps confirms the following facts -- 1) the map is a 7-1 map targeting Rep. Bartlett in CD6, 2) Rep. John Sarbanes' CD3 will extend into Northeastern Montgomery County, 3) the map will be more contiguous than the 7-1 version published by the Post and the Sun. Ultimately, our source says CD6 will look much closer to the first map published by Maryland Reporter, and same goes for CD8 -- except that it will also now have parts of Carroll County. She says the new district will be 53% Democratic, but Maryland Juice is trying to confirm whether that is 53% Dem by registration, presidential performance, or some other metric.... Meanwhile, a second source claims the Obama performance in the new CD6 should be close to 60%.

Maryland Juice has been following the evolving discussions surrounding the State's 2012 Congressional District maps. Three maps have been leaked in recent weeks, but they reveal conflicting strategies: 1) an early map showed a 7-1 plan with fairly compact boundaries, but 2) a more recent set of maps revealed no decision on whether to create a 7-1 or 8-0 plan. Last minute rumors pointed to the serious possibility of an attempted 8-0 All-Democratic plan, but many saw such an attempt as risky.

Today, a knowledgeable source tells Maryland Juice that tomorrow morning, the Redistricting Commission will announce a plan designed to produce a 7-1 Democratic to Republican delegation. My guess is that means insane-in-the-membrane GOP Rep. Andy Harris gets a free pass. We'll know soon enough though, because Maryland's U.S. House members are expected to get a sneak preview of their new boundaries early this evening. Don't forget to leak here (please):

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