Sunday, October 23, 2011

Frederick County GOP Leader Blaine Young Seeks to Push "Illegal" Immigrants Into Montgomery County

Maryland Juice does not feel the need to give airtime to every moronic statement by a GOP politician -- but a recent comment by Frederick County politician Blaine Young is too ridiculous to ignore. While our neighbors in D.C. are fighting anti-immigrant sentiment, our other neighbors in Frederick are promoting it. In an article describing Mr. Young's new immigration strategy for Frederick County, The Gazette reported:
Commissioners’ President Blaine R. Young (R) said commissioners will explore avenues to try to curb the county’s spending on illegal immigrants. 
We are going to make Frederick County as unfriendly to illegal residents as possible,” he said. “Let them go to Montgomery County.

Ironically, Mr. Young's name has been floated as a potential GOP Primary Election candidate for Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's newly redistricted 6th Congressional District. The new CD6 now has vast swaths of Montgomery County, making it majority Democratic. But the  flood of Montgomery Democrats into CD6 comes alongside a flood of MoCo GOP voters, too. Given that context, it seems unlikely that his new immigration plan will appeal to either Republican or Democratic voters from Montgomery County.

The Gazette further described the latest insanity from Mr. Young's policy apparatus:
A proposal by Frederick County commissioners to give the school system the authority to report to the federal government the number of students living in the country illegally is coming under heavy criticism. 
The proposal will have a “chilling effect” on parents and relatives who may be reluctant to enroll their children in school, Willie J. Mahone, a Frederick attorney, said at a public hearing Tuesday night.... 
Brad Young, school board president, told commissioners that the school system already has done everything it legally can to accommodate their questions about students’ immigration status.... 
...state officials in 2009 ruled the commissioners have no “valid public purpose” asking schools to collect information about students’ immigration status.
Will Montgomery GOP Chair Mark Uncapher condemn Mr. Young's statements? He can do so either because he agrees with Maryland Juice that it is cowardly to try and use school children to score political points -- or he can out-Scrooge Mr. Young and complain about this attempt to push Frederick County's illegal undocumented immigrants into Montgomery County. Take your pick.

We previously noted other extreme behavior from Blaine Young, such as his recent attempts to privatize core government services. It seems that Mr. Young likes to govern by Tea Party press release (eye-roll). But don't worry Frederick, it's not that long until the next election.

In the meantime, let's re-hash Mr. Young's Black Book story all over again, since it seems to have been a catalyst for his 180-degree turn from Democrat to Tea Partier. In 2004, the New York Times described the scandal that ended Mr. Young's career as a Democrat and drove him into the arms of the GOP:
On Wednesday, the City of Frederick ended a long-running lawsuit by releasing evidence from a seven-month police investigation into Ms. Potter's once-thriving prostitution business, including photographs, financial ledgers, police surveillance tapes and 8,500 pages of documents, mainly e-mail messages from the lovelorn and lusty.... 
Ms. Potter's list has already helped end one career, that of Blaine Young, whose name was on a partial list released in 2001. Mr. Young, an alderman at the time and the son of a former mayor, said he had hired the women to dance at parties, not for sex. He decided not to run for re-election after The News-Post published reports on his liaisons.
Indeed, when one's career is ruined by sex scandals, "big government," "illegal immigrants" -- and now school children -- are good scapegoats to mount a political comeback.

P.S. In 2002, Blaine Young wrote the following article, but the link is broken on the original site that published the piece. If anyone has a copy, I'd be curious to see it.

February 26, 2002
Here’s Why I’m A Republican 
Blaine R. Young
Many people have asked. So, here are the reasons why I became a Republican.

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