Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maryland Juice Benchmark: 50,000 Pageviews // The Fun Is Just Beginning....

This is no longer a test. Maryland Juice published a preview post on August 11, 2011. About seven weeks later (9/27) we hailed our first benchmark: 25,000 pageviews. Now, less than a month later, we are already celebrating our next big benchmark: 50,000 pageviews. That means we doubled our readership with only half the time. Thanks to our sources and readers for sending in story leads. Keep 'em coming!

Stay tuned and keep reading, folks. It looks like we've got scandal stories brewing and a whole lot more coming down the pipeline. Also, in case you can't yet tell, an underlying theme of Maryland Juice is that even in peachy MoCo & Maryland, our local issues reflect the inter-generational, class and anti-discrimination conflicts occurring around the world. Sure there are enough well-off folks in the County & State to sometimes disguise that truth, but it seems pretty obvious when you think about it for two seconds. As for the blog itself, Maryland Juice has a few ideas cookin' for where to take this thing. The fun is just beginning....

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