Friday, October 14, 2011

Montgomery County Government Censor Calls Leisure World Website Porn // Seniors Community Calendar Blocked

Maryland Juice has been receiving trickling reports of censorship in the workplace in Montgomery County, Maryland. The County censors the Internet for employees and has been caught blocking environmental and LGBT-related websites. Now, a County employee has emailed us a screencap of a seniors community calendar being blocked by the MoCo censorship robot. Realtor Barbara Michaluk's blog posts event calendars for the Leisure World community, but her site has been blocked and labeled as porn. Leisure World has two of Maryland's largest precincts for Democratic turnout and their Democratic Club is very active in County and State politics. Former Sen. Len Teitelbaum called it the "Center of the Universe" in 2006. Is it time to take down the Great Firewall of China Montgomery County?

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