Monday, November 28, 2011

2014 Governor: DNC Press Call Features Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown on Mitt Romney Flip-Flops

Today, Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Virginia Democratic Party Chair Brian Moran were the featured speakers on a DNC press call about GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The two Democratic officials took turns highlighting Romney flip-flops, which we'll note below, but the more interesting story is about the call itself.

It could simply be that since Maryland's Governor is currently in India, Mr. Brown is naturally fulfilling some of Mr. O'Malley's roles. But Maryland Juice definitely wondered if this press event was yet another piece of evidence that Mr. Brown might be receiving higher profile assignments in the run-up to his 2014 gubernatorial campaign. I wasn't the only one who had this thought, given that the first question on the call came from a Baltimore Sun reporter who asked whether Mr. Brown had been invited onto the call and by whom. Also remember that last September, Mr. Brown took on a similar Democratic spokesperson role on a DNC call highlighting problems with Texas Governor Rick Perry's record.

Okay, now onto the substance of the call. The Democrats appear to be hosting regional press calls in targeted swing state media markets, with the goal of highlighting this 30-second spot about Romney.

The Democrats' press release announcing the call today stated:
Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown and Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Brian Moran will hold a press conference call to announce a major new Democratic effort to hold Mitt Romney accountable for his record of flip-flops. The efforts include a TV ad entitled "Trapped" which will be running in a number of markets, including in Washington, DC.  The spot is a trailer for a longer video that highlights Romney's lack of consistency and core convictions on a host of issues including the economy, immigration and a woman's right to choose. The video can be found on a new website
On the call, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown stated, "Americans appreciate different points of view. They expect every candidates to have a position on every important issue. They just don't expect candidates to be constantly shifting positions on the same issue. [Mitt Romney] will say anything to get elected. He's changed his position on almost every important issue."

Mr. Brown followed that thought with a few examples of Romney flip-flops: "Let me speak to the economy.... Before he supported cutting payroll taxes, now he doesn't. Recently he admitted he's not interested in helping middle class families keep more of their paychecks.... Romney is trying to run from the health care reform plan he crafted in Massachusetts. Now he wants to repeal the very protections he championed."

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