Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baltimore City Elections: 2 Different Write-in Campaigns, Both Down // D7 Incumbent Trounced, D13 Challenger Trailing

UPDATE: Unofficial results from 10:55 pm (290 out of 290 precincts reporting). No change to the Sneed-Branch race in D13, but in D7 challenger Nick Mosby is ending way ahead of ejected incumbent Belinda Conaway -- 2,936 votes to her 626.

Turnout for today's Baltimore City election was expected to be low -- and early reports verified that prediction. But Maryland Juice earlier noted that low turnout might provide write-in candidates their best chance at success. This is noteworthy since B'more voters had two interesting write-in campaigns within their city today: District 7 City Councilmember Belinda Conaway launched a write-in campaign after losing the Democratic Primary to challenger Nick Mosby; District 13, challenger Shannon Sneed launched a write-in campaign after coming 43 votes short in the Democratic Primary against incumbent Warren Branch.

Unfortunately for both write-in candidates, every single Democratic Primary victor is currently leading in the General Election, according to returns trickling out of the Board of Elections website (current as of 10:24 pm).

D7 Democratic nominee Nick Mosby is trouncing Belinda Conaway's write-in campaign:

In D13, challenger Shannon Sneed is trailing Councilmember Warren Branch. Ms. Sneed's write-in effort has been effective, generating up to 1,490 votes -- but so far that's too few to carry the day, as Mr. Branch has a 6% lead with 1691 votes:

You can see all the Baltimore City election results at the Board of Elections website.

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