Friday, November 4, 2011

Former Statehouse Candidate Eli El's Letter Explaining Lawsuit Against D20 Incumbents & ex-Blogger Adam Pagnucco

A pair of Maryland Juice sources have forwarded the following email from former District 20 Delegate candidate Eli El to four of Governor O'Malley's aides. In an article earlier this week, we noted that during last year's Democratic Primary, Mr. El's legal history was the subject of discussion on the Maryland Politics Watch blog. In particular, allegations of his past domestic disturbances came to light, and he is now contemplating suing those involved with the blog, as well as the three incumbents who defeated him -- Delegates Sheila Hixson, Tom Hucker and Heather Mizeur. Presumably, he blames all of them for the content on the blog, though his complaint acknowledges that the content was all publicly available through the Maryland courts. That is likely why the complaint focuses on bullying. As we also previously noted, the statute of limitations has likely run on these claims. See Eli El's email below:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eli El <>
Date: Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 2:19 PM
Subject: ISO Attorney

Hello Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

I need everyone's help and prayers.  I am in search of an attorney to represent me as I file a defamation per quod action case against someone. This sums up the urgency of the situation:

The method that most professional politicians use to win elections is to run Cyberbullying campaigns against their opponents.  The reason why we do have comprehensive Cyberbullying laws is because it is impossible to make laws that limit the wrong doing to K through 12.  It's like saying that stealing is wrong when committed against a minor, but is OK when stealing from an adult.

Stealing is WRONG when being committed against people of all age groups.   Cyberbullying is WRONG when being committed against people of all age groups.

It ain't a secret...Politicians often use Cyberbullying and character defamation as a means of winning elections.  Allowing politicians to write Cyberbullying, slander, and defamation laws is just like allowing a career criminal thief to write burglary and robbery laws.

If you have a lead. Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX {cell}, immediately.

Most Appreciative,

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  1. Excuse the typo. Morality and pragmatism adds value to us all. Professional politicians continue to lessen our value in order to perpetuate their own agenda's.

    I challenge you to do this:
    Make a list of issues that negatively impact your local community {10 – 20}

    Navigate to my website {}, enter the site, and click on “more issues”

    Click, download, & read my proposed solutions

    Write your own solutions to each one of your issues

    …then call me so that we could discuss fixing everything

    That’s how I work. I am NOT trying to tarnish and/or ruin the livelihood of others just to make myself look good like professional politicians. Man, when are we going to wise-up and stop electing professional politicians into office in order for certain groups to maintain the socio-economic advantage of others?

    Lastly…would Congress please make it mandatory that every President serves at least four years as a military service member, K-12 teacher, law enforcement officer, or work for a humanitarian cause such as the Peace Corps, Democracy Now, Red Cross, etc.

    Oh yeah; Last of the lastly:
    Colin Powell did not run for President due to possible character defamation of himself or others close to him. Folks will someday realized that the continuous electing of professional politicians will worsen of problems, not solve them.

    Here is my dream slate:

    President: Colin Powell, Everyone's hero

    Vice-President: Eric Schmidt, American engineer, executive chairman of Google and former member of the board of directors of Apple Inc

    Secretary of State: George Clooney, Humanitarian and protagonist