Thursday, November 3, 2011

MD House Majority Leader Kumar Barve and Delegates Arora & Miller Condemn Kentucky GOP Candidate's Anti-Hindu Remarks

UPDATE: In the comments, a reader points to a statement from the Hindu American Foundation condemning Kentucky GOP gubernatorial candidate David Williams. As a result, Maryland Juice has decided to print more of Mr Williams' statements, to provide greater context. You can read longer versions of Mr. Williams' comments at the Lexington Herald-Reader and the Kentucky Progress blog. 

Maryland House Majority Leader Kumar Barve issued the following press statement condemning recent remarks from the Kentucky GOP's Gubernatorial candidate David Williams. Mr. Williams attacked Democratic Governor Steve Beshear for participating in a Hindu blessing for a new plant opening in the State. Mr. Barve's statement, which includes comments from Delegates Sam Arora and Aruna Miller, notes that the facility would bring $180 million in investment and 250 jobs to Kentucky. It seems that no petty tactic is low enough for today's GOP, including attacking a jobs project. The AP's recent coverage may provide a hint as to why the GOP is thrashing:
In a head-scratcher for opponents, polls show Beshear holding a double-digit lead over Republican challenger David Williams despite widespread unemployment in the Bluegrass State, budget shortfalls and an onslaught of third-party attack ads targeting the Democrat.
Is this really that surprising, folks? The GOP has gone off the deep end around the nation, and Mr. Barve's email is just one more piece of evidence (I'm not going to point out one of the obvious ironies within the email, but hopefully y'all can figure it out). Also, remember that Mr. Barve is plotting a run for Comptroller. See the full email below:


Annapolis (November 3, 2011) - Delegates Kumar Barve (Dist. 17), Aruna Miller (Dist. 15) and Sam Arora (Dist. 19) condemn offensive remarks made by Kentucky gubernatorial candidate David Williams and call for an immediate retraction and apology.

Williams attacked Governor Steve Beshear on Tuesday for participating in a Hindu “Ground Blessing Ceremony” to mark the opening of a new flexible packaging plant designed to bring $180 million in investment and 250 jobs to Kentucky. Williams derisively taunted Beshear for “sitting down there with his legs crossed, participating in Hindu prayers with a dot on his forehead.”

“His words were an insult to all Americans, not just to Hindus,” said Barve.  “I have served in the Maryland House of Delegates for more than two decades and have never heard an elected official use such reprehensible language toward their fellow citizens.”

“In the difficult times we face,” Miller adds, “I cannot fathom why anyone would choose to use such inflammatory language instead of celebrating the economic impact and jobs the plant will create.”

"As a Baptist, I am embarrassed that someone would try to use our faith as cover for such inappropriate remarks," said Arora, an Indian American whose family immigrated to the United States in the 1970s. "This is the kind of desperate remark we hear from candidates who cling to fear instead of moving our economy forward."

“Additionally,” said Barve, “Hindus across the globe recently celebrated Diwali, one of the holiest days in the Hindu religion.  I believe Mr. Williams could take a lessson from Governor Martin O’Malley who is hosting his third annual Diwali celebration to recognize the valuable contributions of the Indian-American community.  I sincerely hope that every Indian-American elected official will join me, Delegate Miller and Delegate Arora in condemning Mr. Williams' hurtful words.”


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