Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BREAKING: Montgomery County Council Elects Nancy Navarro as New Vice President

Today, Council Vice President Roger Berliner began his term as President, while outgoing President Valerie Ervin ended her year-long leadership term.  The County Council also unanimously selected Nancy Navarro as their next Vice President. Typically, the VP becomes President in the year following their term in the 2nd seat. Navarro would be the first Latina to serve in either role.

Councilmember Craig Rice nominated Ms. Navarro for the position, noting that the County is now majority-minority, with a larger segment of children from diverse communities and with unique educational needs. Mr. Rice highlighted Navarro's past service on the Board of Education and on youth development issues as important skills she will bring to the table.

Councilmember Valerie Ervin in her departing remarks noted that when she took the gavel last year, she promised that the Council would work together and try to implement long-term solutions to challenging problems. She stated that "we made the tough decisions that will keep this County on the course of greatness" and noted that the council passed multiple unanimous votes on important but contentious issues.

Ms. Ervin also highlighted common themes from her term, such as preserving essential services, attempting to do what is fair for employees and future budgets, keeping neighborhoods safe, protecting world-class schools, and more. She also highlighted big new projects that the Council voted for, including the  "CR Zone," which she stated would encourage transit oriented development for Montgomery County's future. Ms. Ervin also choked up as she thanked the Council's bureaucratic staff (aka the 5th floor), along with her District 5 office team.

Full disclosure: I worked for Nancy Navarro's campaign and Council office.

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