Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Peek Inside the GOP Base: The Tea Party's Latest Newsletter

Maryland Juice just received the latest Tea Party newsletter. Very interesting stuff. Read below:

The Tea Party is the Resistance 

How can any red-blooded American sit by and see their 
beloved nation fall into Socialism and do nothing? 

Yes, I will Help the continued work of the Tea Party on behalf of our beloved nation.

Our heart is breaking as we watch our beloved nation slowly crumble before our eyes, we no longer can be silent!

We must be courageous! 
Get This – The truth is, our beloved nation is far from being saved by another bailout, infusion of dirty TARP funds, or, a phony birth certificate.

To be honest with you, every red blooded American MUST prepare for political war, not only from Al Qaeda, but from the global socialists as well.
The Tea Party is the Resistance

The only thing standing between an excuse to takeover America and the liberal cabal running Washington is YOU! Yes, that's right! It is the Tea Party with its millions of members, standing in the way of the utter and complete demise of our beloved country.

However, our ranks are growing thin, resources are needed so the Tea Party vision will not dim.

Remember this, 911 woke up America to the fact that many are planning the demise of our beloved nation by any means. The tragedy is some of those forces are domestic, functioning within our own borders and even filling our elected offices.

Look, is the Tea Party going to fizzle? Will the Tea Party, as so many other movements, allow the surge of protest to subside, the stream of fervent Patriotism to dissipate? And follow the pattern of other failed movements which fizzle and dry up? All the while, the burning issues still remains, but goes unchallenged.

Time To Prepare For Political War
Bottom line is, strong Citizens are the backbone for what America needs today. They possess enduring Patriotic stamina as the Guardians for the continuation of the Tea Party dream, FREEDOM.

What this means is America is depending on a Guardian core of Patriots who will stand tall, refuse to leave their posts and who will not waste away. I call these brave Sentries of Freedom the Tea Party Guardians.

In truth, the Tea Party Guard is an exclusive assembly of dedicated Patriots who understand our liberty is on the brink of destruction.

The Tea Party Guard are the stalwart, the rock in the time of storm, men and women who will silently and quietly serve their nation day in and day out from their jobs, homes and lives.

You see, the global one-world agenda is anti-America, anti-freedom and in many cases anti-God. You and I know our beloved nation is under siege, not just by foreign countries, but by foreign ideologies and many of those foreign ideologies are held as true by the Washington liberals.

Join Command Center

Know this; our freedom is being uprooted, and replaced with federal control. Individual rights are being replaced with herd mentality, names are being replaced with numbers and our traditional values are being crushed by the global one-world agenda.

You and I have seen with our own eyes the rise of extreme liberalism in our society, forcing our children to participate in government mandated brain washing administered by the failed public school system, and it doesn't stop there.

Here's the real kicker, Washington dances in joy when they spend our tens of trillions of tax dollars without rhyme, reason or disclosure. All the while, We The People are trampled under the bureaucrats boot heel being told the lame excuse of the greater good for the greatest number. Illegal aliens are treated better and receive more benefits than hard working tax paying American Citizens. Whole industries are being nationalized; the banking industry has been eviscerated. One by one, States rights are being eroded.

It turns out, 911 planes flew into buildings, and today the Obama administration is flying into our beloved Constitution. Like 'Ground Zero,' our Constitution is burning and slowly collapsing into a heap of twisted and mangled confusion.

They said, "It could never happen here!" but it is happening, right before our eyes.

End Red-Ink Spending

To be quite frank we need you. We are calling for Tea Party Guardians who will support the efforts of the Tea Party for the long run. Guardians who can be counted on to stand though thick and thin, underwriting the hostile fight we are involved in.

Get this, the Tea Party Guardians are men and women who are willing to be part of an exclusive group of Patriots who have stepped up and made a pledge to our beloved Red, White and Blue. The Tea Party Guardians pledge to underwrite the fight to restore America.

Yes, you heard me right: Underwrite the Fight. We must prepare for all out political war! You see we must:

- Go to Washington and pressure Congress to vote FOR America and not against it.

- Craft powerful legislation reversing the socialist attack against freedom!

- Hold rallies; speak at functions across America, continue to build the Tea Party Army!

- Recruit more Tea Party patrons; rebuild our infrastructure.

Yes, all this takes resources. We need funds to travel to Washington. We are willing to leave our families behind to pressure Congress.

We need funding for permits to hold rallies, cardboard signs and placards. There are thousands of little things taken for granted, such as envelopes, postage and office supplies we must pay for to stay on mission.

We are forming an Army of Political Guardians to defeat and roust the socialist invaders, but like the Continental Army of 1776 we need resources.

Let's face it, should the Tea Party get on our knees and beg for a few pennies to protect the rights of all Americans? We no longer have time for bake sales, peddling candy bars, selling raffle tickets to raise a few dollars to fight the one-world global cabal.

We must have a core group of strong Guardians who are willing to step up and underwrite long-term Tea Party efforts. We must not fail!

Time To Prepare For Political War

(Be Part Or Get The 'Hell' Out Of The Way)

Simply put, for the price of a pizza and a six pack you can support the Tea Party for a month! 

That's right for less than .99 cents a day you can back the Tea Party month after month.

Here is how you can help. The Tea Party Guardians will continue the long-term fight of the Tea Party for less than .99 cents a day. In respect of the 911 attacks and the ongoing attacks against our freedom, it is proper to ask for a pledge of only $29.11.

The truth be known, $29.11 will be your statement of support as you protect our beloved America by your patronage to our ongoing Tea Party mission. Each and every month you will be an automatic Tea Party Guardian donating $29.11 underwriting America's most important work!

You are the backbone of America.

Your help is critical to the Tea Party; America will be restored with your help.

NOW, you can underwrite the efforts of the Tea Party for less than .99 cents a day! For less than a pizza and a six pack you will be doing your part in restoring America.

Plus, because of your unselfish support we will send for you a fax blast to all 100 Senators and all 435 Members of the House of Representatives, worth well over $57.00 as a thank you from us and all of America.

That's right! For your $29.11 support we will send a fax blast worth over $57.00 each and every month, in your name to all 100 Senators and all 435 members of the House of Representatives. That alone is worth a big savings for you as you stand Guard for America.

Look, it's very important, you can quit anytime, but your recurring support will be felt all the way to Washington!

It's it about time you put those Washington Scallywags on notice and tell them:

"Don't Tread on Me!"

Yes, WE must prepare for all out political war!

WE ARE SOUNDING THE BATTLE CRY! We must have scores of Tea Party Guardians pledge less than .99 cents per day in support of their nation!

2911 PlanJoin

Your .99 cents will empower the Tea Party ....99 cents per day is 29.11 per month!

America Needs The 29.11 Plan Now!

Can we depend on you? Restoring America is going to take all of our time and effort. 

We must have Tea Party Guardians automatically giving $29.11 that we can depend on. At less than .99 cents per day, you can help restore America!

Time is short, our beloved nation is waning and we need regular, predictable, budgeted support, month in and month out to help our efforts in restoring America.

Can we depend on you? Will you be vigilant in underwriting the Tea Party?

Some will say no, because they rather bury their heads in the sand and falsely believe everything will some how work out. Some think .99 cents a day is too heavy of a price to save America.

But you and I know, this is exactly how America got into trouble to begin with people unwilling to give even the smallest amount to protect what they hold dear.

I know you will say YES, because you want to Restore America as much as I do.

Remember what our founding Fathers pledged? "Their life, Liberty and Sacred Honor"

We are simply asking for a pledge of less than .99 cents a day, so we can continue to roll up our sleeves and get to work on your behalf.

Will you help us?

Yes, count me in! I will pledge $29.11. I want to be the backbone of the Tea Party. I will underwrite the Tea Party and be a Tea Party Guardian. I know each month I will receive a special fax blast, in my name to those Washington rapscallions.

Yes, I want to help the Tea Party prepare for all out political war! I am willing to be stalwart in the fight to restore our beloved nation, the United States of America. I will be a Tea Party Guardian.

Yes, count on me! 
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Quote. "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." John F. Kennedy

Time To Prepare For Political War

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