Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tea Party Legislator to Delegate Tony O'Donnell: Resign as Minority Leader // Democrats Call O'Donnell "Out of Touch"

UPDATE: The Washington Times reports that the Tea Party leader in Maryland's House, Delegate Michael Smigiel, is calling on Delegate Tony O'Donnell to step down as Minority Leader:
Maryland House Minority Leader Anthony J. O'Donnell said Wednesday he plans to keep his state leadership role while running for Congress next year despite questions about whether his candidacy could be a distraction....

The House Republican Caucus would have to re-elect Mr. O'Donnell next year as minority leader, but he could receive a challenge from Delegate Michael D. Smigiel Sr., a Cecil Republican who has criticized him for taking “inconsistent positions” on such issues as the use of bond bills for local projects.

Mr. Smigiel, chairman of the House tea party caucus, said he is still mulling a run for minority leader and suggested Mr. O'Donnell step down - following the example of former Senate Minority Leader Nancy Jacobs, who quit her leadership role in October after deciding it “wouldn’t be fair” to continue as leader while mounting a campaign for higher office....

Meanwhile, Maryland Juice received the following press release from the Maryland Democrats responding to Del. O'Donnell's decision to challenge Rep. Steny Hoyer in 2012:


Maryland Republicans Promote Failed Leadership with Out of Touch O'Donnell

Annapolis, MD (December 14, 2011) - Maryland’s floundering Republican Party chose another out of touch, obstructionist tea party candidate to run for higher office today. With House of Delegates Minority Leader Anthony O’Donnell announcing his candidacy for Congress, the GOP signaled they believe in promoting failed leadership.

Last spring, Anthony O’Donnell spent more energy trying to block progress instead of moving Maryland forward and even the miniscule Republican Caucus began to make plans to replace O’Donnell as Minority Leader. Even his own Party wants him out, but he thinks he should move up. This is eerily similar to Nancy Jacobs’ exit from a failed term as Senate Minority Leader to run for Congress in the 2nd district and GOP Chairman Alex Mooney’s decision to leave the party with over $100,000 in debt to run for Congress in the 6th district.

O’Donnell has shown he values partisan politics over consensus and solutions for Marylanders. In 2011 alone, O'Donnell voted against a balanced budget, school construction and infrastructure investments.

Maryland does not need another member of Congress that will join Roscoe Bartlett and Andy Harris in voting with the GOP to raise taxes on the middle class, raise healthcare premiums on seniors, and dismantle important programs like Medicare. While the GOP plays politics, Congressman Steny Hoyer continues to fight for the needs of all of his constituents.


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