Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Which Maryland Politicians Are Raising Money Right Now?

UPDATE: Maryland Reporter has their own article about which Maryland pols are fundraising. It is well worth reading! They also point out that two lobbying firms Bruce Bereano and Alexander & Cleaver maintain competing lists of fundraising events.

You can often tell when politicians are up to something based on their fundraising activity. Because Maryland law prohibits State lawmakers from fundraising when the legislature is in session (typically January through April), there is often a surge in fundraising activity at the end of each year. The prominent Annapolis lobbying firm Alexander & Cleaver publishes a monthly list of events on its website. Though I am sure the list is not complete, it gives you a snapshot of what's going on. That Guy With the Speak English Lawnsign is raising money, along with a few candidates for Comptroller (see below):

Alexander & Cleaver: Maryland Political Fundraisers 12/11-1/12

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