Friday, December 16, 2011

Maryland Juice's Government Employees of the Year: Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection

UPDATE: Maryland Juice received the following email from Eric Friedman, Director of MoCo's Office of Consumer Protection: "Thank you for the kind recognition! The cumulative effect of multi-year budget cuts takes a toll on staff morale.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of employees and volunteers.  In addition, Cathy Grubman is an energetic producer. Your blog’s spotlight was a great way in which to end the week."

Maryland Juice decided to spotlight the hard work of some of our local government employees today. I'm officially naming the worker bees at Montgomery County's Office of Consumer Protection our 2012 "Government Employees of the Year."

The Office of Consumer Protection "alerts the public to unsafe or dangerous products." But Maryland Juice is also awarding them this prestigious award because of their baller television show Consumer Compass. Check out the intro sequence to the show, where they introduce some of our dedicated government servants (who seem to be the on the receiving end of unfair budget anger right now). Best local government-produced video EVER:

Join Eric Friedman and the rest of the Consumer Protection agents as they work to protect the interests of Montgomery County citizens. A special shout out to our public servants:

Don't mess with the Consumer Compass!

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