Monday, December 19, 2011

MD Redistricting: House Speaker Mike Busch Gets a New District // Anonymous Legislators on What It Means

On August 15th, Maryland Juice reported on rumors that House Speaker Mike Busch might seek a single-member-district. He is currently the sole Democrat, alongside two Republican Delegates, in a three-seat-district. With the release of Maryland's 2012 state legislative districts, it appears that the rumors were partially true. Mr. Busch will now serve in a more Democratic two-member district, while the Republicans appear to be concentrated in a new single member district 30B. Two Maryland legislators contacted us to highlight this new development. See Mr. Busch's new District 30A below, along with a view of his current D30:

Our two legislators also had the following anonymous comments:
  • Legislator #1:  The Speaker's new two-person district is ideal -- significantly more Democratic -- and because it's a two-person seat, it is likely to be a Democratic pickup opportunity in the House.
  • Legislator #2: Did you notice the Speaker drew his own district? Lots of Delegates called me about that this weekend. Lots of ambivalence on it. We all love Busch, but 16 years is a little Miller-esque, so folks are torn (not that they can do anything about it).
Comment #2 speaks to one quiet dynamic in the redistricting: it appears leadership isn't going anywhere. That means legions of ambitious Annapolis lawmakers will have to wait even longer to move up the leadership ladder. More on State legislative redistricting developments soon!

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